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Grab 16+ Pins at One Time

This heavy- duty multiple pin-pulling clamp weighs more than four lbs. It has a precision-cast six-in. clamping head with sharp reverse cut teeth and can grab more than 16 pins at one time. A steel safety cage prevents the clamp from popping open when pulling.

Grip and Pull Pins Easily

EZ Pull Pliers (P/N 20085) allows body shop technicians quick access to grip and pull multiple pull pins (studs) as well as vertical and horizontal flanges. Tough alloy steel locking pliers provides an evenly distributed pulling force while pulling multiple pull pins and flanges, and includes two large pulling rings to accommodate up to 2,000

Hammers, Dolly Blocks for Smoother Finishes

Martin Tool’s limited line of mirror-finished hammers and dolly blocks de-livers a smoother surface for final finishing. Made in the U.S. using U.S.-produced al-loy steel and American hickory wood handles, the hammer-head designs are ergonomically balanced to deliver the desired blows with minimal fatigue to the user.

Long-Lasting Brake Pads

By putting different formulations in each pad of the set, Adaptive One delivers long-lasting, dust-free, silent performance that’s tailored to react to every driver’s style. Call (800) LET-NAPA.

Liability Coverage

Lancer Insurance Company specializes in providing liability and collision coverages to entrepreneurial body and repair shop owners who rent vehicles to their customers. Rather than referring clients to third-party auto rental firms, Lancer policyholders keep the rental revenues in-house. Call (800) 782-8902, ext. 3027.

New Website with Product and Tech Data

U.S. Chemical & Plastics has launched, a new website featuring easy access to vital product specifications and technical data. It provides users with extensive information (updated in real time) on all of U.S. Chemical’s major product lines, including USC body repair and Cargroom DIY body repair products, Morton truck bedliners, SPRAYMAX aerosols, Sunmight abrasives

Replacement VIN/Certification Labels

ECS Automotive is a licensed manufacturer of reproduction certification/ VIN labels for GM and Ford through the 2000s. Other available manufacturers include Chrysler, Toyota and Honda. Body shop discounts are offered, and express shipping is in-cluded. Call (636) 368-7641.

Eliminate Costly Mixing Banks

NO MIX Basecoat System’s unique composition enables hiding in as little as two coats, along with exceptional flake control. It also eliminates the need for costly mixing banks. Users just shake and pour. Call (800) 871-9307.

Tough Paint Protection

Extensive testing has proven that ArmorCoat Paint Protection Coating can stand up to the toughest race track conditions and protect the paint and decals on race cars. Several NASCAR, IndyCar and SCCA series race teams use ArmorCoat to protect their cars. ArmorCoat significantly reduces the need for expensive paint repairs between races.

Clearcoat Scratch Filler

PROFILL is an automotive-grade clearcoat that eliminates the time and materials needed to polish away clearcoat to hide scratch damage, and also eliminates the need to shoot clearcoat. Filling severely oxidized gelcoat, it forms a base that can be finished to a high gloss with a coat of PRESTO! Gelcoat Rejuvenator. Plus, it won’t damage

High-Heat/Humidity Clearcoat

Universal Clear is a true polyurethane HS clear that’s water-like in color, hard to run, buffs great even months later and loves high heat and high humi-dity. Spray two coats then turn the booth fan off as soon asthe overspray is gone. Call (800) 476-3006.

User-Friendly Color System

The Metalux2 Colour System is user-friendly and offers paint shop management tools to help create a perfectly controlled and managed paint shop environment. Colors are easy to blend and apply. It offers outstanding coverage and flow, and can dry in five minutes. ChemSpec’s new VOC-compliant product, with a two-minute drying time, and the upgraded swatch