Car Body Shop Repair
Keep Tools Organized with SP Air Display

The display features an air-connector-type stand for each tool, and wires to attach to the tool for security and ease of inspection.

ProSpot PR-5 Rivet Gun System Approved for Tesla Repairs

The PR-5 system is approved for self-piercing rivets (installation and removal); flow form rivets (hole preparation and installation); and structural blind rivets on Tesla repairs.

BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile: Aluminum Repair

Our 2017 Industry Profile survey indicates that 61 percent of you feel prepared to perform aluminum repairs.

Dodge Challenger Bumper Repair Process Outlined in Polyvance Video

A large section under the grill opening of a bright yellow Dodge Challenger front bumper cover was broken in a collision. Do you replace it – knowing that the paint color would be difficult to match – or repair it?

Tesla-Owned Collision Repair Shops: Coming Later this Year

The move is an effort to “significantly improve the customer experience with out-of-warranty body repairs,” Tesla executives said.

Is Your Collision Repair Facility Equipped for Aluminum Repair Demand?

With more aluminum vehicles on the road, the opportunity to perform repairs on this metal has increased substantially. What’s pulling into your lot these days? And are you prepared to service aluminum vehicles?

Eurovac Inline Wet Mix Dust Collection Interceptor for Aluminum Repair

The Interceptor is designed for the retrofit of existing central vacuums, allowing the central vacuum system to now service your dust extraction needs in aluminum bays and the regular steel side of the operation.

Polyvance Releases Fifth-Generation Nitrogen Plastic Welder

The 6085-C Nitro Fuzer Nitrogen Welding System incorporates all of the advances of the previous generation, including the automatic air-nitrogen switch, low-pressure safety switch and analog flow meter, and adds to these features a more precise digital temperature control system.

Aluminum Series: The Highs and Lows of Aluminum

Preparing for aluminum repair has resulted in both highs and lows for our industry. But it pays to keep your eye on the big picture.

Aluminum Series: Rivet Bonding

Rivet bonding is growing in use as it proves itself as a structural repair. Do you know how to perform this procedure properly?

Precision Auto Works of Long Island City Authorized by Cadillac to Join Aluminum Repair Network

Shop is the first in the New York City area to achieve this designation.

Baker’s Collision Repair Specialists Recognized by Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network

Baker’s is one of only two collision repair facilities that have obtained this recognition within the state of Ohio.