Auto Body Shop Diagnostic Tools and Equipment
Scanning & Calibration: What’s the Confusion?

With all the information on scanning and calibration out there, perhaps the confusion is being caused by the vast amounts of disinformation that cloud people’s judgment.

ADAS: What’s Alignment Got to Do with It?

Proper alignment has everything to do with ADAS features as the vehicle’s alignment directly interacts with all of its advanced features.

Vehicle Scanning & Calibration: What’s Your Angle?

The angle of sensors such as radar and cameras is critical to how they see where they’re supposed to and react accordingly.

Vehicle Pre-inspection and Scan: A Necessary Practice

You’ll be glad you did a pre-inspection and a pre-repair scan of the vehicle after you deliver it back to the customer and hear the dreaded words: “It worked before I brought it in.”

Scanning & Recalibration: What Category Are You?

When a calibration is not completed, the response I get from shops usually falls into one of three categories: I did not know, I did not plan or I did not need to.

Collision, Mechanical and Transportation: The Crossover is Real

With manufacturers such as Tesla, Waymo, Cruise and Ford racing toward autonomous vehicles, we will see the collision, mechanical and transportation repair segments crossing over in some of the technology being developed.

Vehicle Scanning and Calibration: Do You Have a Plan?

For scanning and recalibrating vehicles, identify what you need versus what you want – and plan to adapt for the rest.

Vehicle Electronics: Avoiding Wash Bay Diagnostics

Finding out there are still problems with a vehicle’s electronics when it is in the wash bay ready to be delivered to the customer can hurt a shop in many ways.

Calibration Centers: Creating a New Business

As many charge into this electrifying world of automotive electronics, they need to figure out what services they want to offer and what the market demands.

DTCs: Do You Really Understand Them?

When you plug in a scan tool and get a DTC, the code will tell you something is wrong. But without problem-solving skills, it’s just a number. 

ADAS: What Are Your Senses Telling You?

As you drive down the road in your vehicle, you’re using all of your senses to react to the environment around you. A vehicle with ADAS does the same thing.

Mobile ADAS Calibration: Understanding the Downside

Increasing awareness of the revenue-generating potential of ADAS calibration is leading to an explosion of mobile ADAS calibrators – something repairers and insurers should be concerned about.