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Bankers Don’t Bite

I’m convinced that most small-business owners are scared to death of bankers. They view loan officers as stiff-lipped stuffed-shirts who exist only for the pleasure of foreclosing on little old ladies on Christmas Eve.

Sharpen Your Sectioning Skills

Sectioning is a common procedure in hundreds of collision-repair shops across the country. Most of those shops make a conscientious effort to section according to the rules;
some shops make up their own rules.

Restoring Corrosion Protection

I think we’re all in agreement that new-car construction techniques have given rust the old heave-ho. Used to be a new car would show signs of red rust in as little as 12 months, whereas nowadays, new cars carry 100,000-mile rust-through warranties.

Purchasing a PC

Like thousands of other shop owners, you’re probably thinking it’s time to buy a computer. You’ve no doubt seen reports on television and read articles in magazines about the advanced capabilitiesof the current generation of computers, and it’s gotten you thinking,
“Maybe a new computer could improve my shop’s workflow and speed up our estimating and billing processes”.

Room to Grow

Name: American Auto Body Location: Akron, Ohio Owner: Joe and Rocky Piscazzi Established: 1976 Square Footage: 20,000 Number of Employees: 10 Repair Volume: 60 cars per month Rocky Piscazzi recently learned that relocating to a new body shop can trigger Murphy’s Law of moving – everything costs more than expected. “Even though I’ve learned that

Working Smarter Not Harder

Name: Jerry’s Body Shop Location: DeLand, Fla. Owner: Jerry Doyle Established: 1976 Square Footage: 10,000 Number of Employees: 11 Repair Volume: 60 cars per month Average Repair Cost: $1,500 After 40 years in the collision-repair industry, you’d think a bright guy like Jerry Doyle would’ve learned not to help his competitors. Yet, several evenings a

When the Goan Gets Tough: the Goan Body Shops

The age of refinish technology has yet to dawn in India. With a population in excess of 900 million, labor is cheap and plentiful and money is scarce. Needless to say, specialized collision-repair equipment is virtually nonexistent. Although India has only 5 million cars and CVs, the demand for collision-repair shops is high. The roads

Working on Alternate Vehicles: Some Solutions

Check out the following technical trouble spots and tips.

The Tale of One Shop Continues…

Another visit with Paul and Teresa Slate

Conquering New Heights

Successful people – whether they be plumbers, presidents, pediatricians or you – have certain traits that allow them to conquer new heights.

Working Magic: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is only as good as the operator on the other end of the pry tool.

Loading Up the Truck: Changing Your Location

Have you ever thought of moving your shop? Are you contemplating a move now?