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CCC Information Services Inc. Offers Vehicle Replacement Solution Powered by Zag

CCC Information Services Inc. announced the availability of an auto-buying program for automotive insurance carriers using its vehicle valuation solution. Made possible through Zag, one of the nation’s largest auto-buying platforms, a carrier now has the ability to offer its customers the option of quickly and conveniently replacing a total loss vehicle.

“As carriers continually work to improve their policyholder experience, customer satisfaction increases when carriers can provide a complete portfolio of solutions that quickly and accurately resolve a claim,” said CCC Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Debbie Day. “Zag gives carriers using CCC’s valuation solutions a replacement vehicle option instead of having the policyholder do the legwork.”

The auto buying program, which can be accessed online through a research-rich online portal or offline via a concierge contact center, features “member” pricing, useful research tools and a no-haggle buying experience through a nationwide network of more than 3,000 Certified Dealers. Additionally, Zag has developed a tool allowing a claims representative to refer a customer who expresses interest in using the program. With the click of a button, the claims representative can trigger automated follow-up communications to the customer. The tool also enables customer referrals to be tracked to determine the program’s impact on customer service, retention, rental days and cycle time.

Zag General Manager Stewart Easterby added: “Zag’s new Total Loss Auto Buying Program was developed to fit the unique needs of the auto insurance industry. Our new agreement with CCC promises to deliver a substantially enhanced solution for Zag. Insurance companies can now leverage their relationship with CCC to offer customers a quick and transparent purchase process at a time of need.”

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