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Change Is Good

BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl says that while the magazine's design has changed, its mission to deliver great content hasn't.

Did you notice anything different about BodyShop Business over the past two months? We hope you did. We redesigned the magazine to present you with a more contemporary, aesthetically-pleasing look. So if we were ever accused of being all substance and no style, well, those days are over!

Changing our logo caused us some heart palpitations. After all, it had been with us since our start in 1982. One of our graphic designers told me it had been hand-illustrated more than 30 years ago, and even though it was our calling card and had attained national and international recognition, we felt it looked a bit dated and needed to be freshened up.

It’s amazing what goes into a redesign. There are almost an infinite amount of “fonts,” or type sizes and styles, to choose from. There are trends to consider in both consumer and business-to-business magazines. Yes, just like fashion, magazines follow certain trends in different eras. I guess we felt like maybe we still had bellbottoms on.

Of course, our style has really been changing and evolving ever since we printed our first issue. Some changes were probably small and unnoticeable, others more drastic. We feel like our latest change falls somewhere in between the two.

We know you love us for our content, which one reader recently described to me as “meaty.” But let’s face it, looks count for something, too. If your favorite food was steak, you would probably eat it regardless of how it was presented on the plate to you. But how much better would it taste if it was presented with balsamic reduction drizzled in a pretty pattern around it, with bright green leafy vegetables on the side? We eat with our eyes first, as they say.

You probably noticed my new, bigger-than-life column photo, too, as well as our publisher Scott Shriber’s toward the back of the magazine. I’m sure my mom would appreciate the new glamour shot, but I’m not sure who else would. But hey, I think it makes more of a statement.

We think we hit the mark, but that judgment is ultimately up to you. Why don’t you drop me a line and let me know if you like our new look? After all, it’s your magazine. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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