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Chief Automotive Technologies to Showcase Equipment at NADA Expo

MULTISPOT MI-100control T inverter spot welder, LaserLock Live Mapping system and Structural Holding Package for frame racks will be on display at show taking place Jan. 23-25 in San Francisco.


SLIDER_CHIEFChief Automotive Technologies announced that it will be displaying its equipment in the Chief and Elektron booth no. 2419S at the NADA Convention & Expo Jan. 23-25 in San Francisco.

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“Over the last year, we’ve developed several new products that can help collision repair technicians return vehicles built with high-strength steels, exotic metals, aluminum and proprietary manufacturing processes to OEM specifications,” said Bob Holland, director of collision in North and South America for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “These products are essential for repairing the vehicles of today and those planned for the future. At the NADA Expo, we will work with dealers to identify the collision repair equipment they need to keep up.”

New Elektron products at the NADA Expo include the MULTISPOT MI-100control T inverter spot welder with TrueAutoMode. TrueAutoMode automates the welding process to provide perfect, OEM-approved spot welds every time, states Chief. It automatically detects material composition and thickness, interference factors, resistance, and which electrodes and arms are in use, so the technician just has to position the welding gun.


Chief will demonstrate the out-of-level measuring capabilities of its LaserLock Live Mapping system using a vehicle raised on a two-post lift. LaserLock simultaneously measures more reference points than any other system, says Chief, and can be used in out-of-level situations for fast setup. Chief also states that LaserLock’s ability to measure vehicles on a two-post lift frees up the frame rack to be dedicated exclusively for repairs.

Several other Chief tools built to aid in the repair of today’s vehicles will be showcased in the booth, including the new Structural Holding Package for frame racks. The Structural Holding Package includes more than 50 components that can be combined in a variety of ways to secure a vehicle during repair. This ensures the vehicle does not shift out of place during the sectioning of aluminum panels, and helps to better distribute pressure when pulling steel frames.


Chief and Elektron will be offering several show specials. NADA Expo attendees can also see Chief and Elektron products and talk with company representatives in the FCA USA LLC (no. 3019N) and General Motors LLC (no. 3903N) booths on the trade show floor.



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