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Thinking About Purchasing a Paintbooth?
Download This Free Buyer’s Guide

Paintbooths are costly and complicated purchases, and even the thought of making this large-scale purchase can intimidate a shop owner who doesn’t have all the right research in front of them. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, in order to help you become an educated buyer.

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You probably already know the advantages of having a paintbooth: they improve the quality of the paint finish, they keep workers safe, and they save time around the shop, which ultimately brings in more business. You don’t need to spend time being convinced, you need to spend time figuring out exactly what you need before you’re sold something you don’t.

That’s where Col-Met Auto Direct’s free paintbooth guide Paintbooths 101: How to Purchase a Paintbooth for Your Shop can help. The guide includes sections on paintbooth manufacturers, laws and regulations, safety, warranties, airflow configurations, installation and best practices. Everything you need to know before you start talking to a paintbooth seller can be found in Paintbooths 101.


“Col-Met Auto Direct has been selling paintbooths since 1997,” says Col-Met’s director of sales, Steve Russell. “We know that a large expense like this can be difficult for body shop owners, so we created this guide to help you understand exactly what you’re purchasing and what you’re can expect when you purchase a paintbooth.”

Let Paintbooths 101 be your resource for purchasing a paintbooth. Download Paintbooths 101: How to Purchase a Paintbooth for Your Shop today. 

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