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Collision Industry Legal Fund Established


In response to what’s being called an “outpouring" of interest from
members of the collision repair industry across the U.S., a Collision
Industry Legal Fund trust account has been set up for those who would
like to assist Gunder’s Auto Center owner Ray Gunder in his suit
against State Farm

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"Now, for the first time in its history, there is a commonality
in the collision industry of which all repairers can relate to and
become involved," said Barrett Smith, owner of 
Auto Damage Experts, Inc., and friend of Ray Gunder. "There is likely no
repairer who at one time or another has not been abused, disrespected
or taken unfair advantage of by an insurer and asked themselves what
they could do to make a difference. Regardless if you’re an
independent, dealer, consolidator, small shop, mega shop, single or
multiple shop owner, DRP or non-DRP shop, the ‘Collision Industry Legal
Fund’ is an opportunity for all repairers to come together and ‘rally
around the flag pole’ for an honorable cause that will have a direct
and positive benefit for the good of the collision industry and those
who derive their livelihoods from it.


perhaps fearful to openly support him, most industry members can relate
to Ray Gunder’s courageous ‘David and Goliath’ efforts and support his
commitment to the industry. And just like the ‘Rocky’ movies, many are
living vicariously through Ray’s efforts and are hopeful for his
success. This industry legal fund provides an opportunity to allow
their support while allowing such activities to remain totally

Smith said that while the initial intent behind creating the fund was to assist Gunder, the hope is
that the cause will generate enough interest
from enough people to fund other legal efforts and to encourage those who may have legitimate claims to
pursue resolution through legal avenues.


Gunder has committed to matching every cent used
from the fund toward his case so that he can assist others
who may be forced to take legal action against insurers in the future. 

"The ultimate goal through this and similar litigation
activities is to instill the accountability that’s lacking and so
sorely needed in the collision/insurance industries, and to allow the
honest and ethical repairers across the nation to provide proper and
thorough repairs which consumers deserve and expect," said Smith. "We also want repairers
to be fairly compensated for their efforts without interference from a
third-party insurer. If you ever wanted to do something to help stop
the abuse of insurers, this is the time."


More information: 

Direct any questions to Barrett Smith at (813) 657-6705 or [email protected]

Contribute to the Collision
Industry Legal Fund

Gunder’s Awaits Court’s Ruling in State Farm Case

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