Collision Repairer Starts Fundraising Effort for Training School
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Collision Repairer Starts Fundraising Effort for Collision Training School

Ben Sigler, assistant body shop manager for Lavery Chevrolet in Alliance, Ohio, wants to pay back the industry and give young people the chance to learn a viable trade.


A Canton, Ohio, collision repairer has started a fundraising effort on in an attempt to raise $50,000 to build a collision training school.

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“My goal is to raise money for a building that will allow me to to train hard-working, dedicated young people of today in this industry,” said Ben Sigler, assistant body shop manager for Lavery Chevrolet in Alliance, Ohio. “I can provide the knowledge and equipment to help anyone willing to be successful in this industry. I have the land and equipment already. I just need a roof over our head.”

One of the reasons Sigler started this effort was to pay back an industry that has given him a rewarding career.

“As a college education was not an option for me when I started in this industry, I chose to learn a trade. Little did I know what this trade had to offer someone who was dedicated and driven to produce results and gain knowledge,” Sigler said. “The career path I chose has been very good to me. It has allowed me to raise a family, own a house and provide whatever we needed to be successful.”


Another reason was the alarming shortage he has seen in young people wanting to work in the collision repair industry.

“In the last 10 years, I have seen a noticeable decline in qualified and willing technicians,” Sigler said. “I am a firm believer in college educations, but realize that some young people today either do not have the option, would like to learn a trade to help pay for college, or graduate college with more debt than they had planned for and are not able to obtain employment in their chosen career path.”

Sigler believes the trade school route is too expensive and doesn’t provide “real-world” experience. He decided to try to raise funds via because he didn’t know where else to start.


“This theory is something I’ve been thinking on for awhile. I wanted to fund it on my own, but I have three children and responsibilities that would make saving for the funds a long venture. Loans are a possibility, but keeping overhead to a minimum is key.

“Our children are our future. Learning a trade is important for many reasons. It can help someone pay for college, learn new skills and techniques that can be used in many fields, and learn that hard work, dedication and attention to detail will help make you successful no matter what you do in life. I want my children and yours to have the tools they need to survive in today’s world, and if they can get paid while they learn to do it, then that sets them up for success. Starting a life in debt is no way to be successful. I hope that I can pass my knowledge along and create an environment of youth that is positive and make a great impact on society as we know it.”


To visit Sigler’s fundraising site, click HERE.

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