CONFERENCE PREVIEW: Sail Away! - BodyShop Business


Let the wind carry you to the first-ever BodyShop Business Waterborne Conference and you’ll be sure to shove off with all the information you need on low-VOC basecoats, the next big change in the collision repair industry.

Have you ever been to Huron, Ohio? Chances are you haven’t unless you grew up in the region or maybe went to Cedar Point Amusement Park in nearby Sandusky. So let’s paint a picture for you: seagulls calling, waves lapping and the smell of cotton candy wafting in the air. It’s the kind of town you would expect a salty old sailor like Quint from “Jaws” to be hobbling about, telling tales about a killer shark.

The talk of the town this August, however, will not be of man-eating fish but the 2009 BodyShop Business Waterborne Conference. Eight different presentations will highlight the event Aug. 13-14, covering everything you ever wanted to know about low-VOC basecoats:

• Waterborne and SOPs – Popular speaker and successful shop owner Mike Anderson will mix humor, passion and learning as he discusses his shops’ waterborne conversion and developing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

• The Southern California Transition – Naveen Berry, planning and rules manager for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, will share details of the successful transition shops in Southern California recently underwent.

• Waterborne Overview – Mark Clark, 30-plus year industry veteran and owner of Professional PBE Systems, discusses the present and future state of the waterborne movement.

• Waterborne and Lean – 2009 BodyShop Business Executive of the Year Michael Giarrizzo of DCR Systems will discuss the integration of waterborne basecoats into DCR’s patented lean-based operations model.

• Spraying Waterborne – Tom Horvath, best known for his SYSTEM ONE products used in Jay Leno’s Garage, shares the wealth of knowledge he has gained from spraying waterborne basecoats over the last 10 years.

• Environmental Compliance – Holly Wilson, lead for the EPA’s Community Air Program, will discuss the Collision Repair Campaign, which will provide repairers with free training, technical assistance and tools for compliance with the 6H Rule.

• Panel Discussion – AkzoNobel, BASF, DuPont, Garmat, Global Finishing Solutions, Sherwin-Williams, Spray-Tech/Junair and others will have experts on hand to answer questions and dispel misinformation about low-VOC basecoats.

Hit the Beach

On Thursday and Friday, you can also cruise the trade show floor filled by nearly 20 sponsors and exhibitors showcasing the latest waterborne products and equipment.

And don’t forget about the dinner Thursday night right on the beach! Talk about leaving your worries at the shop behind! Also on Thursday will be I-CAR waterborne training.

Early-bird pricing of $49.95 has been extended, so register now by visiting or calling (330) 670-1234 ext. 234.

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