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Congress Introduces Bill to Delay New Overtime Rules

The bill would delay changes to overtime regulations – which would make any exempt employee making less than $47,476 eligible for overtime pay effective Dec. 1st – by six months.

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The House of Representatives has introduced a bill to delay changes to overtime regulations by six months.

The ruling being challenged allows increases in the overtime salary exemption from $23,660 to $47,476. Any exempt employee making less than $47,476 would be eligible for overtime pay effective Dec. 1st.

When introduced by Rep. Tim Walberg (Mich.), Walberg argued that while the United States’ overtime rules need to be updated, “the administration should withdraw the rule completely and update our laws responsibly. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking. A six-month delay provides much needed relief.”

The Department of Labor is also facing a lawsuit from 21 states challenging the overtime rule. The lawsuit argues that the change will require states to either increase pay for thousands of employees or reclassify them as hourly workers – likely cutting back on their time to service taxpayers.

“Under the new overtime rule, states must pay overtime to state employees that are performing executive, administrative or professional functions if the state employees earn a salary less than an amount determined by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. And there is apparently no ceiling over which DOL cannot set the salary level. The threat to the states’ budgets and, consequently, the system of federalism, is palpable,” the lawsuit claimed.


The National Federation of Independent Businesses is urging businesses to support the House’s proposed delay with letters to the Senate and President. The NFIB is offering a pre-made message for businesses to use on its website.

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