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Dent Wizard Appoints New VP of Key Operations

Dent Wizard International announced it has promoted Cory Lyda to vice president of Key Operations, a newly created position in response to Dent Wizard’s growing key business.

WMABA Partners with CARS Cooperative

WMABA has partnered with the CARS Cooperative to offer members a program of cash rewards and discounts.

The DRP Decision…

Are DRPs marriages made in heaven or pacts with the devil? It depends on whom you ask

Divorced from DRPs

Until death do us part? Not in this case. Once the honeymoon was over, this Washington shop owner discovered he’d rather go it alone than remain trapped in a loveless marriage.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Not all DRP marriages end in divorce. For this Chicago shop owner, DRPs have benefited his business and boosted his bottom line – making it easy to put his bachelor days behind him.

Ask … and You Just Might Receive

Dealing with insurers isn’t always as difficult as you perceive it to be. Sometimes all you need to do is ask – and you’ll receive that extra time or payment to properly repair a vehicle. No way it’s that easy? This shop owner and his satisfied customer are proof that sometimes it is.

Diminished Value: Fear It or Forget It?

During the past year, more than 30 states have approved auto insurance policy language that excludes diminished value (DV) payments. That still leaves quite a few states up in the air.

Writing His Own History: the Pohanka Body Shop

When you’re born into a family with a rich heritage in a particular field – say politics, law or the circus – it’s often expected that you’ll continue the family legacy and run for public office, attend Harvard or learn to ride a unicycle on a tightrope.

Finding the Sweet: Changing your Perspective

“Life is short, it’s up to you to make it sweet.” – Sadie Delany

From Tow Truck Drives to Computer Drives

He says he saw a UFO, he wears flip-flops and he used to drive a tow truck, but what does shop network-owner Erick Bickett have to say about computers, consolidation and Christmas?

Road Hazard: Renegade Primates Ahead

Driving in Northeastern Ohio – especially in the winter – can be treacherous for even the most experienced motorist. Between construction, rubber-neckers and lake-effect snow, you can bet your paycheck there will be several delays on the way to your destination.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Estimators

Technicians have enough to worry about, so when they spend a lot of their time checking P-pages and writing their own supplements because the estimator didn’t know everything to ask for, the whole shop suffers.