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Pulling for You: Straightening

Straightening isn’t simply about yanking the vehicle until it pops back into shape — it’s about understanding how the vehicle reacted to the impact and what you need to do to bring it back to pre-accident condition. It requires thought — not just action.

Restoring Corrosion Protection

Just because you’ve meticulously measured and pulled a vehicle back to spec doesn’t mean your job is done. One of the most important tasks in bringing a car back to pre-accident condition is still at hand: restoring corrosion protection.

Made in Taiwan

You know that aftermarket parts come from Taiwan, but do you know what specific companies those parts come from? Probably not. But you will. For the next few months, we’ll take a look at several of the key Taiwanese A/M parts manufacturers.

Got the Paint Problem Blues?

Little paint problems can cost big bucks. But instead of spending a lot of green to make sure the reds, blues, metallics and pearls come out right, listen to the advice of experts who’ve experienced — and solved — these small, but expensive, problems.

Audi Auditions!

The 2000 Audi TT Coupe

Bedlining Your Pockets

As pickup trucks continue to grow more popular, so does consumer demand for bedliners. In fact, the spray-on bedliner aftermarket hit $90 million ’98. But how much of that $90 mil went into your bank account?

Live From Motor City: The 2000 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

With our press badges in hand and our cameras poised, we scoured the North American International Auto Show in search of the world’s coolest concept cars. Ever seen a Bugatti Veyron or a Mercedes-Benz SLA? We have — and we have pictures to prove it!

Preventing Customer Defects

Stop current customers from crossing enemy lines and heading for your competitor by keeping them informed and letting them know you value their business

Class Action Re-Action: Snider vs. State Farm Verdict

The Snider vs. State Farm verdict got the attention of repairers, insurers, consumers … and many, many lawyers — who didn’t waste any time filing copycat lawsuits. But with the spotlight now on insurance companies, should shops also be concerned?

Becoming the Sand Man

Sanding might not be the most exciting job in the shop, but don’t underestimate its importance. It’s a craft that demands skill and attention to detail. Are you and your techs paying it enough attention?

Dirt Hurts: Simple Car-Care Cleanliness Tips.

As collision repairers, we work in and generate so much dirt that we tend to ignore it. Customers, however, notice dirt immediately — especially when it’s in or on their vehicles. To get noticed for your quality repairs instead of the grime you leave behind, follow these simple car-care cleanliness tips.

Diminished Coverage for Diminished Value

Recently, the Insurance Services Office concluded that diminished value (DV) isn’t covered in the language of Personal Auto Policies. This may soon lead to head-to-head battles between insurers and consumers, since both sides interpret DV differently. But what effect will the exclusion –– and the head butting –– have on the collision industry?