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No Grease Monkeys Here: Our Industry’s Image

If you don’t think a lot of the problems we face in the collision repair industry are related to our negative image, think again. Between the public and the educators, our industry is often viewed as fit employment only for the mentally disabled and the drug and alcohol impaired. But it’s not their fault they think that way — it’s ours.

Powertrain Considerations

It’s easy to spot a dented fender, a cracked headlight or a crumpled rear decklid. But since there’s more to a collision-damaged vehicle than meets the eye, powertrain damage should be a top consideration –– if you want to ensure your customers’ vehicles get thoroughly repaired

Masking at High Speeds

When it comes to masking, plenty of products are available to get the job done economically. But because labor time is the most expensive component, the trick is to find a combination of products that effectively protect the car while allowing you to cover and uncover the vehicle in the least amount of time.

Behind the Paint: History!

Mistakes, World War II, foreign invasion and guinea pigs all played a part in the history of automotive paint. Who said history had to be boring?

Another Leg to Stand On?

Ohio court rules that an insurer has to pay for the “diminished value” of an insured’s car after a wreck

Follow March Taylor’s Example

March Taylor wanted the entire industry to benefit from his knowledge and hands-on experience

What Kind of Repairs Do You Want to Do?

The only way to achieve consistent, quality repairs is to establish clearly defined goals and communicate them to your staff

Point/Counterpoint, Should an Insurer Pay for Both Tint and Blend?

First, the fact that color variance decks are available indicates that the colors of many vehicles in the field drift from the factory standards. I sold autobody/refinishing supplies for 20 years and worked with paint manufacturers to develop blendable matches for numerous colors. It was necessary to tint the color, spray it out, compare it

Antitrust in Insurer- Repairer Business Relations

‘Antitrust’ is spoken of frequently in the collision repair industry but is still often
misunderstood. Here’s a clear definition of what it is and how it relates to insurer- repairer business relations.

Salary vs. Commission

Each compensation method has its pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes
down to choosing the one that will compensate each individual technician according to his or her ability.

The Unofficial Collision Repair Dictionary

Many terms are used every day at our shops, but their true meanings are often muddled by the craziness of our business. A quick check of the dictionary can get us back on track.

Ditch Your One-Dimensional Ways

Only selling collision repair service these days? Diversification is the answer
to getting your profits back and making your business worth owning.