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In SOPs We Trust

Standard operating procedures could offer a body shop owner more freedom and the ability to attract new insurance business by creating ‘verifiable’ trust.

It’s Showtime, Baby

You can ‘bet’ that the 25th annual NACE show will offer plenty of business opportunities, not
to mention a little fun.

PPG Automotive Refinish Distributor to Race With Rusty Wallace

Strongsville, Ohio – PPG Automotive Refinish launched its new fast-drying Deltron DC3000 Velocity Clear with a NASCAR promotion, but after the launch, what landed on the decklid of Rusty Wallace’s race car was one lucky PPG Automotive Refinish distributor! This national promotion, which was targeted to PPG Automotive Refinish distributors and provided an opportunity to

Analyzing “McDonald” izing

The concepts that made McDonald’s arguably the most successful small business in the world can help propel your collision business to the next level of success.

The Power of Video: Pre-exisiting Damage?

After the repairs to the left door and left quarter panel of Lisa Harrington’s 1997 Honda Accord were completed, the vehicle was detailed and parked near the front of the office for delivery. When the customer arrived that afternoon, she seemed quite pleased with the repairs, until she noticed a rather sizable dent in the

The Government to the Rescue? SBA’s 504 Program

Donnie Jones had always dreamed of building a state-of-the-art body shop. But he faced major obstacles. Every banker he tried to get a business loan from wanted 25 to 30 percent in cash equity, with rates and terms that would have been a major stretch for his cash flow.

Industrializing Your Shop

My article in the November 1999 issue of BodyShop Business discussed the factors involved in the industrialization of our industry. It focused primarily on the evolution of the repair process, the human factors and the breakdown of repair tasks. Going a step further, this article focuses on the "plant" or shop requirements. Keep in mind that plant requirements include products and equipment, since they go hand-in-hand with maximum efficiency.

Survival Strategies for Independents

Consolidation or Independence?

Show Me the Money! How and When to Sell Your Shop

As a successful collision shop owner, you’ve probably had to pour most of your time, energy and money into your business for what may have seemed like forever. It’s not forever, but it is a long time – the typical shop owner has been in business for 15 to 20 years.