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Driving to Work as the Crow Flies

Developing a flying car!

Is Your Paint Shop Profitable?

It’s all in the numbers. By taking out your calculator and figuring how well you’re doing on your key performance indicators, you can quickly determine where you’re proficient in the paint shop and where you’re just painting yourself into a corner.

A Learning Experience: Continuing to Learn your Business

What have you done lately to improve your business and management skills? What steps have you taken to learn more about your market and your industry? Let’s not forget about your employees. What efforts have you made to see that your bodymen are proficient and that your painters are well-versed on the latest refinishing techniques?

I’d Like to Invest, But I’m Clueless!

When beginning an investment program, it’s important to understand the three general categories of investments: stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

Adventure Bound: The 2001 Chevy Avalanche

What’s unique about this cutting-edge vehicle? It combines aspects of an SUV and a pickup truck. It’s been dubbed the “ultimate utility vehicle,” or UUV … sort of how Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups satisfy those who love chocolate and peanut butter. So what’s new? The whole model. It’s the first new car model by Chevy

Taking the Despair Out of Door Skin Repair

To make this often-dreaded task more appealing to techs – and more profitable to your shop – re-think door skin replacement during the estimating process. Then after writing an estimate that includes all the necessary procedures, enlist a few special techniques and tools to speed up the actual repair.

Tapping Education and Training Sources

Here we go with another story on the technician shortage. But you may be surprised to learn that the tools you need to combat the problem are tools you already have – and tapping these sources for education and training can lead to a steady flow of qualified and loyal technicians.

Battling the Immoral Majority: Is It Worth It

Recently, a husband and wife team of shop owners were caught red-handed committing fraud. As they were led away wearing handcuffs, it seemed like an ending to a movie: Bad guys do bad things, bad guys get caught, bad guys get hauled off by the authorities. The end. Roll credits. But life doesn’t always imitate art. The reality is, the husband and wife team are back … back at it again … at the same location and with all their past direct-repair programs still in place.

Ease Your Purchasing Pressure: the Impact of Compressed Air

The impact of compressed air on workflow and product quality is often overlooked. The bad news: Costly rework due to poor quality paint jobs and workflow interruptions due to inadequate air supply can increase cycle times, causing real monetary losses. The good news: You have complete control over your compressed air system.

Building a Winning Team

Are the people who help you run your shop first-string or just benchwarmers? Choosing trustworthy and hard-working managers can make or break your shop’s progress and success. Does your team have what it takes to win in the competitive game of collision repair?

Orange You Going to NACE?

Bound for Orlando – the land of oranges and overabundant family fun – NACE promises a jam-packed schedule of seminars and workshops that leaves little time for mousing around.

Reader Question

Is a company legitimate if it’s willing to refer work at a 5 percent commission taken from the customer’s deductible?