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Whoa, Slugger! Use Your Head Instead

An estimator recently discussed online a young adjuster who came in to inspect a vehicle and insisted the shop use an aftermarket hood on a car that was less than a year old. The estimator said “No problem,” provided the adjuster sign a “Hold Harmless” form. The adjuster replied, “You’ll have to take that up with the owner.”

Not So Random Acts of Kindness

You can’t sit back and wait for people to beat a path to your door – you have to get their attention any way you can. (This doesn’t mean light yourself on fire and dance around your parking lot!) Thank-you notes, kind words and doing little things that other shop owners don’t will attract customers, improve business relationships and keep you out of the burn unit.

Associations: Time to Join or a Waste of Time?

Opinions vary regarding the repair industry’s national associations, but one thing is certain: The industry has a wide range of national associations, each with differing beliefs, views and goals. Our examination of the industry’s national groups may help you decide if one coincides with your own convictions

Suck It Up: Dust Extraction Systems

A dirty shop may discourage customers from giving you their business and techs from wanting to work at your business. One way to keep your shop cleaner is to use a dust extraction system – which sucks away sanding dust and helps create a working environment that doesn’t suck. Got that?

Trained to Win

Training can teach your staff to be more productive, more loyal and more responsive to customers – making your shop more profitable and your job much easier. Why, then, do collision repair shop owners – and other American business owners – commit such little money to such a big issue?

ycle Time and Punishment: Their Cross-Country Sales Trek had taken a Short Recess

The sign ahead said, “Welcome to Judgment: Population 801.” It was crooked, like the tower in Pisa, and the white background was badly rusted. Weeds, like tangled wires at Christmas, wrapped tightly around the metal stem of the sign. Pete Simpson, who was driving, wondered if the population hadn’t changed at all since the sign

A Not-So-Sticky Subject: Adhesives

When ancient Egyptians boiled animal hides to make glue, they had no idea how far modern chemistry would take adhesives. Today, two-component epoxy, urethane and acrylic glues are being used as structural panel bonding adhesives – and OEMs have given their stamps of approval.

Off With the Gloves: Learn How to Negotiate!

If your “negotiations” involve yelling, pumping out your chest and clenching your fists, you have a better chance of being cast in Rocky VI than of convincing your opponent to give you what you want. Negotiating is a form of mental sparring, so quit trying to intimidate and use your head instead.

Is Your Shop the Only One

Ever been told your shop is the only one charging for that? Well … you’re not alone.

The Shop in the Middle of Nowhere: Tyler, Pa.

Cataldo’s Collision Service

Barenaked Ladies Spotted With Volkswagens

Despite the presence of Barenaked Ladies at Volkswagen’s recent “Driversfest,” held at the Pond of Anaheim, Calif., no one objected. In fact, many people cheered — men and women alike — as the Barenaked Ladies tirelessly performed onstage for nearly two hours.

Door Skin Installation: A Bonding Experience

While some OEMs have been bonding door skins for more than eight years, the repair is just now becoming an accepted practice in body shops. In fact, with the products and procedures available today, technicians can duplicate the same type of adhesive bonding that’s being used on door skin panels from the OEMs.