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The Heat Is On: Infrared Equipment

Since the average body shop paints an entire vehicle just 10 percent of the time, it makes sense to focus your energy — and that of your curing system — on only the areas refinished. How? Infrared equipment can be applied just where and when you need it, helping to increase your shop’s efficiency

Behind Closed Doors: CARA Collision & Glass Bankruptcy

Since CARA Collision & Glass filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many in the industry are wondering what the heck is going on. Though the future is unclear, a few things are certain: Employees are out of jobs and former shop owners who took stock in the company are out of luck

Halfway Around the World in One Article

After BodyShop Business’ roving reporter Mike Lawrence returned from his two-day, 17-country whirlwind trip – in which he studied collision repair markets around the globe – he determined that while each country’s market is unique, it also sounds strangely familiar.

Fill In The Blanks: Correctly Using Fillers

Today, fewer panels are repaired and more are replaced. Likewise, gone are the days when shops used entire 5-gallon pails of body filler weekly to avoid doing metal work. While today’s fillers are used in smaller volumes, a wider variety of styles can provide just what you need — if you know how they work, which to choose and how to use them properly.

Cool Route for Creating Profits: A/C Repairs

Repairing air conditioning systems as a profit center can be quite rewarding — provided you’re quite knowledgeable when it comes to systems, environmental concerns and government regulations. Otherwise, you may be cooling your heels in an empty shop.

Consent Decree: Enforceable or Forgetable?

In 1963, 265 insurers signed a Consent Decree drafted by the U.S. Justice Department and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. By signing, they agreed to abide by the Decree’s terms: no more demanding discounts, setting hourly rates, boycotting repair shops and using specific appraisers. It’s still a binding agreement today … but will it ever be enforced?

The ABCs of DRPs

Deciding whether or not to join direct-repair programs can be a daunting task. How can you be sure the relationships will benefit your customers and be profitable to your business? By spelling out the pros and cons before you sign on the dotted line.

Hitting Your Mark: Accurate Estimators

Writing an accurate estimate takes precision and skill. Are your estimators up to the challenge? With knowledgeable and personable estimators leading your team, your shop will win customers and score profits.

The Dirt … On Dirt

Is contamination in your paint jobs a common occurrence? It shouldn’t be. If you identify all the potential sources of contamination, you’ll find that painting isn’t such a dirty job after all.

More Than a Metal Box: Today’s Spraybooths have Evolved into More than Simple Square Boxes

Because all the high-tech options can be hard to choose from, it’s important to know which ones best suit your shop and your budget. If you spend wisely now, you can avoid paying dearly — in redos and unexpected bills — later.

Shop Owner Profile

Where would we be without all the shop owners in the world? After all, even the most productive, profitable and professional shop must have a leader — someone to guide the business and lock up after everyone else goes home.

Personnel Profile: The Shortage of Qualified Technicians

How many collision repair journeymen does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one — but first you have to hire him.