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5 Secrets for Successful Structural Repairs

Yesterday’s strategy for repairing vehicle frames: Pull really hard. Today’s strategy for repairing vehicle frames: Analyze the damage, hold, block, pressure monitor and stress relieve.

More Brains, Less Brawn: Straightening a Vehicle

Brute force isn’t necessary to straighten a vehicle. Still, techs like to flex their muscles rather than use their brains to get the job done.

The Technical Side of Bedliners

Deciding to offer sprayed-on bedliners is more than a simple business decision. It requires some technical know-how. Which system is right for your shop? Which gun type is right for the system you choose? And which chemicals will mean quality jobs, satisfied customers and long-lasting color? All these are important questions if you intend to profit from this profit center.

Perma-Tech: the Industry’s First Microprocessor Controlled Spray System

The health and vitality of any industry can usually be linked directly to continued technological advances. In 1995, when Perma-Tech founder Allen Warner began looking for a new business opportunity, the sprayed-on bedliner industry caught his attention. After researching all of the existing sprayed-on bedliner companies, he concluded: “There must be a better way to

www.cieca.com: the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association

As technology improves, service providers (this means you) will have to advance technologically to satisfy customers. Are you ready for the future of electronic commerce? Visit the CIECA Web site to help move your shop into the 21st century.

Using Computers to Produce and Profit

Just about every aspect of a repair – from the moment a customer makes a decision about which shop to use to the time a car exits the shop – can involve computerization. What’s the point? Besides speeding up cycle time, computers can make your techs better at what they do and your shop easier to manage.

Not All Parts Are Created Equal: Aftermarket (A/M) Parts

With the State Farm aftermarket (A/M) parts suit still in appeal, the ultimate fate of alternative parts is still up in the air.

There Is No Technician Shortage

Despite what the industry tries to convince itself of, the shortage of job applicants isn’t caused by a lack of qualified techs. It’s due to low wages, unsupportive shop owners and truly greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Last Page: You Pride Yourself on the Quality of Repairs Performed in Your Shop

Good for you! You’re confident your technicians are highly skilled and capable of repairing your customers’ cars to pre-accident condition.

Can a Three-Day Cycle Time Become Commonplace

Jon McNeill, CEO, Sterling Collision Centers Natick, Mass. Opinion: Yes The average repair has somewhere between 17 and 19 hours on the sheet. If you look at those 17 or 19 hours, there has to be somewhere to cram that into a three-day period – or even 24 hours. What you have to do is

Let’s Face It, We’re All Going to Die Someday

Unless you’re one of those people riding around with a bumper sticker on your car that says, “I’m spending my kid’s inheritance,” it’s never too early to start planning the distribution of your estate.

The Sign Says: Laugh. Violators Will Be Fined

Road signs have become so abundant that we often don’t really notice them.