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A Balanced Business Decision: Performing In-House Wheel Balancing & Tire and Rim Service

The vehicles that grace our repair bays have one thing in common: They all have at least four wheels. And more than likely, their balance has been affected by the collision. You know what that means? There’s money to be made by performing in-house wheel balancing and tire and rim service.

A List of Five Suggestions from Repairers to Insurer

1. Hire people with experience instead of college kids who’ve never been around cars.
2. Stop steering and stop lying.
3. Pay for necessary operations and materials to properly repair vehicles.
4. Don’t take so dang long to approve supplements.
5. Accept the fact that it costs money to repair an accident, and quit trying to cut corners.

Stop! In the Name of Estoppel

Ever been told by an adjuster after you’ve agreed on a price for a job and begun repairs that, “We made a mistake, and this isn’t covered – so we’re stopping payment on your check”? Did you respond back that the insurance company is estopped from doing that? If not, you should probably read this article.

The Good and Bad of Internet Estimating

The most recent trend in Internet application is online estimating or the execution of estimates through a Web service. Is this new trend right for your shop? Consider these pros and cons before signing up.

Concepts on the Future: Cars for Display

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) always has its attendees wondering a couple things. First, if the show is “international,” doesn’t that already make it North American? And what’s with those strange-looking futuristic cars? Will they be on the showroom floor at dealerships anytime soon?

Who’s Really to Blame?

The “sacred cow” issue of fraud in the collision industry.

Profiting From Plastics

There is money to be made repairing plastics.

Giving Customers the Whole Story: Educate Them

Consumers who’ve been in an accident often only know what they’ve been told by their insurer – and what they’ve been told often puts your shop in a negative light. What can you do? Educate them on the repair process so they have all the information they need.

Learning to Play Nice: Insurers Adress Five Repairer Complaints

Though this isn’t, by any means, an exhaustive list of complaints repairers have about insurers, these five complaints are the ones we hear most frequently.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? Choosing a New Paint Brand?

It takes more than a coin flip to decide whether to choose a new paint brand or stick with the one you have. Sure, a new paint product with all sorts of new bells and whistles may entice you to jump ship from your current brand, but make sure you do your homework before taking that leap.

When the Government Comes Knocking: Keeping Up with Changing Regulations

You wouldn’t intentionally put your workers or the community that supports your business in danger. But keeping up with changing regulations issued by government agencies isn’t easy – some requirements seem overwhelming while others are just plain nitpicky. Regardless, you should always be prepared for an inspection

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