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(Cycle) Time Is On His Side

A wanna-be basketball star in a revolutionary’s body, consolidator Jon McNeill has plans for the collision repair industry.

Off With the Parts!

Shuffling new parts from metal department to paint department and back again is beginning to show its age. Though industry critics insist painting parts off the car isn’t a practical alternative, some production shops disagree – and have the reduced cycle times and increased profits to prove it.

Beat the Clock: The Need for the Repair Industry to Improve Cycle Time.

Today’s consolidators are pushing the cycle time envelope. One even reports a 40 percent decrease in the time it takes its shops to return a car to the customer compared to the industry average. How can you compete? These affordable equipment options can help streamline your repair process and reduce turnaround time.

Building a Case for Industrialization

When your competition industrializes their operations, their production efficiency will improve dramatically – possibly 37 to 50 percent in a single shift. With such fierce competition, can you afford to continue doing something because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”?

Move It – Or Lose It

Decreasing cycle times have become a reality.

Constructing the Ultimate Shop Design

No matter what the scale and scope of your shop, you just may benefit from having another pair of eyes examine your layout and procedures.

Two Lines, Faster Times: Separating Light and Heavy Repairs

Toyota claims that separating light and heavy repairs into two lines will increase shop productivity by 40 percent – but only if American techs can learn to work together as a team.

Creating a Monster

An efficient shop is like a hungry monster. The more a shop’s cycle times improve, the more vehicles it needs to “feed” its appetite. Where will these extra vehicles come from? From shops that haven’t streamlined their operations

Bigger and Better: Increasing Productivity

Since productivity was such a priority to shop owner Leonard Lassak, he really did his homework on it. Lucky for us, he’s letting us borrow his Cliffs Notes