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United We Stand: On September 11th, the United States Stood Up

“Only through peril and great upheavals can a Nation be brought to further development. May the present upheaval lead to a better world.” — Albert Einstein

Letters to the Editors

If You Do It, Charge for It Dear Ms. Georgina Kajganic: In response to Mr. Yurek’s article, “If You Do It, Charge For It” [Sept. 2001, pg. 36], it’s about the same things my father complained about. We’re a company of 50 years located on the same corner and have the same company name. I’ve

Girl Hits Six Cars … and Flunks Driver’s Test

Imagine failing your driver’s test – because you hit six cars.

The Total Story

Why are some cars repaired when they should be totaled, and others totaled when they should be repaired? Because, too often, poorly trained people are estimating damages. If it’s a total, then total it. If it’s a borderline case, communicate with your customer and your tech. But keep in mind that customer safety is your No. 1 priority.


By now most of you probably realize you need to comply with EPA regulations to keep you and your body shop out of trouble. And though not everyone is gallantly fighting to save the great Planet Earth from turmoil (those of you who are, however, keep up the good work), almost all of you are

A Big City Small Business

Gold Coast Auto Body, Chicago, IL.

40 Tips for a Perfect Finish

For painters, it seems the number of perfect-paint-job tricks to remember is at least a million. Always trying to make your job easier, we’ve whittled that million down to 40. Follow these tips of the trade, and the good paint jobs will follow right along with you.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Buddy

s and other necessities I neatly — I emphasize the word neatly — tuck inside.On this particular occasion, my obsession with folding, organizing, re-folding and re-organizing the contents of my Samsonite was due, in part, to my nervousness. When I get anxious or upset, organization is my sanctuary. (It’s a bizarre ritual, but it works.)

Fixing Plastics is Possible – and Profitable

It was 1968 and this shop was successfully repairing plastics. So why is it that shops today aren’t?

Repeat Yourself: Produce the Same Operation Repeatedly and Consistently

“Standardization” isn’t about cloning shops. It’s about having the ability to produce the same operation repeatedly and consistently so it can be audited. Why go to the trouble? Implementation of such standards will improve profitability and quality, reduce cycle time and chaos that keeps you busy putting out fires – but hinders you from getting anything done.

Rear Clipping: Does It Deserve Its Bad Rap?

We’ve all heard horror stories about rear full body sectioning, which has lost its favorable status with insurers, repairers and consumers. But was the problem the procedure – or the people performing it?

The Name Game : Protect your Shop Name

For two similarly named body shops in Limerick, Pa., it’s now up to the courts to determine who keeps their name. Want to avoid fighting a similar battle? Learn how to protect your shop name and keep yourself out of court for violating someone else’s trademark.