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Vehicle Repair Nightmare: What Were the OEMs Thinking?

Technical feature by Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.: The OEMs are working to make vehicles easier to repair – but it’s not an easy undertaking.

Use Your Clout, You Lout

“When will dealership body shops – with their captive clientele – wise up and stop making concessions to insurance companies? e.g.: Charge the same labor rate as in their mechanical shop. Their mechanical shops don’t work with junkyard or jip parts. Why agree to do anything different in the body shop?” asks P. Michael Riffert, president, Engle’s Frame and Body Service, Ephrate, Pa.

Choosing a Management System

“Which job costing/shop management system is best suited for my shop? I’m unsure if the expense justifies the end results.” – asks Randy Hassell, owner, Hassell Bros, Inc., Jamaica, N.Y

There’s a Right Way … and There’s a Wrong Way

Paint-shop best practices.

It’s Not a Toy

It’s smart to assume that your collision repair customers are assuming that you’re competent.

Does Your Shop Measure Up?

Techs working to beat the clock often skip the measuring process. But if you add a separate line to your estimate for the setup of the measuring system in addition to the setup of the vehicle on the frame machine, some of your techs might be more willing to knock the dust off the old measuring system once and awhile.

Out of Retirement: Full-framed Vehicles

Just when you thought they were gone for good, MJ, bell bottoms and full-framed vehicles are back. Though Jordan can still score 40 points per game and bell bottoms are still … scary, today’s full frames aren’t the same as the ones produced in the past. And the repair procedures aren’t the same either. by

Putting the Squeeze on Repairs

I’ve been the not-so-proud owner of four spot welders because I’m cheap. Though I wanted all the benefits of a top-quality welder, I didn’t want to pay for top quality. Learn from my mistakes … please.

Lining Up Income

Spray-on bedlining service can give your business a much-needed boost.

Play Nice: repairers and insurers can improve their relationships

“All appraisers should intern in a shop for one year,” says one respondent to BodyShop Business’ annual Industry Profile regarding what should be done to enhance relations with appraisers and insurance companies. Other suggestions on how repairers and insurers can improve their relationships include: “All prices should be determined and negotiated on location at the

Every Claim Is Not the Same

Insurance companies have led most consumers and shop owners to believe there’s no difference between first- and third-party claims – even though entirely different sets of laws and rules apply. And these differences can affect every aspect of your shop, from job scheduling to parts selection to liability to profitability.

A 6-Step Method for Mastering Structural Repair

Too often, techs skip one or more of the crucial steps needed to repair a vehicle frame. But shortcutting costs you additional time and money later on … when something goes wrong.