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Body Shop + Spray-On Bedliners = Increased Profits

Been seeing more and more bedliners on the pickup trucks that make their way through your shop? If so, you’ve likely been thinking, “I wonder if I could profit from these?” The answer is yes – provided you do your homework first. by Debbie Briggs Stop. Before you paint the inside of another truck bed,

Shop Profile: Collins Collision Center

Shop Name: Collins Collision Center Location: Atlanta, Ga. Established: August 1998 President: Jeff Collins Shop Size: 17,000 square feet No. of Employees: 10 Average Repair Volume: 175 cars per month Average Repair Cost: $1,950 Cruising Right Along While shop owner Jeff Collins is only 42 years old, he says buying his PT Cruiser a couple

Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance

You may be divorced twice and on your third marriage (so far so good), but if you die first, your spouse and stepchildren may end up spending your rightful heir’s inheritance – unless you plan ahead. Families are more complicated than they used to be. With so many people divorced and remarried, a family gathering

Point – Counterpoint

Are Double Standards OK, Depending Who’s Paying the Bill?

Here Today … Then Steered Away

Lost work due to insurer steering.

This Month’s Ailing Shop

Shop size: 12,500 total square feet Equipment: two drive-on frame racks, two booths (one downdraft) and a lift for tear-down estimates. Employees: 12 Annual Sales: $1.5 million Quality of work: Good Problem overview: Husband and wife shop owners want to grow their business, but they don’t know how – they’re close to burnout as it

CCAR-GreenLink Created


Can Your Shop Withstand the Scrutiny?

Shops producing poor quality repairs?

Buyer Beware

My Pontiac Fiero…

Would St. Peter Grant You a Porsche – or a Pinto?

Three men who died arrived together at the pearly gates, where Saint Peter greeted them by saying, “I know you’ve been forgiven for your sins because you’re all here. But before I let you into heaven, I have to ask you a couple of questions – and you have to be honest or you won’t

Not All Wheel Alignments Are Created Equal

The process of aligning a collision-damaged vehicle is much more involved thanperforming a maintenance alignment. If thecustomer hasn’t hit anything, the technician can make many assumptions.But making assumptions about a collision-related four-wheel alignment will put your shop on a crash course. Ever since rear adjustable suspensions became commonplace in our industry, the argument has raged

Would I Lie to You

An uneducated consumer is just as likely to make a bad decision as a drunk guy flirting with a statuesque woman who’s got a deep, sexy voice and calls herself Al. But the key to educating consumers is to do it before something bad happens. Trying to explain your estimate after they’ve already questioned it causes distrust – and will likely cost you the job.