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“The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed or did you fail because you stopped trying?” – Anonymous

BMW = More Lovin’

Men who drive BMWs have the most sex.

Leader of the Band: Jim Keller

Shop owner Jim Keller talks about retiring from rock-n-roll, picking up the pieces after a failed merger and lauching a shop network.

Is Your Shop Sick? The Preventative Approach

If you want your shop to have a long (and profitable) life, it needs to periodically see a shop doc.

Spray-Gun Tips for Automotive Painting

You don’t need a new spray gun (even though you may want one) to get the most from your gun and to create a great paint job.

The Dodge Sprinter: a Common Criminal’s Dream Car

Sure the Dodge Sprinter is a great automobile for tradesmen and large families, but it’s really the perfect getaway car for that bank robbery you’ve been planning.

The Fox and The Hens

Systems that have checks and balances.

The Definition of Success

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Road Kill Reborn

Marion Waldo McChesney is bringing back the dead. Sort of. In her artwork, she’s giving new life to animals smashed by speeding motorists. So the next time you see a flattened frog in the road or squished lizard on the sidewalk, remember, there’s road kill and then there’s art.

The ‘Six Million Dollar’ Repair

Though the repairs to this Mercedes-Benz didn’t cost millions (nor were they performed secretly by the government), the car – like Steve Austin – had sustained serious damage. Could this mangled mess be made whole again? Absolutely.

What Happened to Freedom of Choice?

Customers are being bullied and manipulated into taking their vehicles to insurers’ preferred shops. I know this because my customers are telling me.

Creating Your (Business) Plan of Attack

Whether you’re starting a new shop or you’re a veteran shop owner, writing and maintaining a solid business plan helps to ensure the continued success and growth of your organization.