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Working on Hybrids: A Body Shop Primer

Hybrids account for only 1% of all U.S. light-vehicle sales, which actually presents a dilemma for shops: Because hybrids aren’t all that common (yet), shops aren’t as familiar with the potential hazards as they should be.

DRPs, Here We Come?

In talking with shop owners involved in DRPs – who changed their operations to serve the needs of only one market – I realized the importance of diversification. Part 6 of a year-long series.

Dirty Little Secret No. 3: Shops Can Steer Too

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, you can legally steer your customers away from ‘problem’ insurers and toward ones that know how to fairly settle claims.

On the Spot

Due to the misconceptions and lack of knowledge regarding squeeze-type resistance spot welding and its equipment, we conducted a welding machine challenge — a test that would simulate working on a vehicle and help shop owners make
better decisions when purchasing a machine.

Parts Pricing: Your Business, Your Call

Parts prices listed in estimating systems are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices. Despite what insurers would like you to believe, you can price parts based on the gross profits you desire.

The Business of Steering

Every day, insurance companies steer vehicle owners away from shops they consider “troublesome” and toward shops they don’t. Sometimes, their steering is perfectly legal. Sometimes, it’s not. When it’s not, they’re often betting that neither the vehicle owner nor the shop owner will be knowledgeable enough of the law to know that they’re breaking it.

DRPs Key Part of Puzzle

Over the past few months, the Research Department here at BodyShop Business has been busy gathering input and data for an upcoming, comprehensive all-industry report that we’ll be publishing soon. In reviewing some of the initial tabulations, we’re noticing some interesting trends out in the market and gaining a better understanding of how shops are

Seeing the Big Picture

You can’t improve individual pieces of your business and expect overall improvement. Instead, you must examine the relationship between all the steps and begin to incrementally improve problem areas.

It Takes a Body Shop

This shop owner discovered that part of being successful inside his shop means being active outside of it.

Your Lungs, Your Skin, Your Life

Many collision repairers still aren’t properly protecting themselves from isocyanates. It’s time that changed.

“I Can’t Make Money on Paint!” (a.k.a. Why Johnny Kicked the dog.)

Many shop owners think their problems would be solved if they could just get their paint cheaper. But paint materials profitability problems are often just a symptom of larger troubles – paint labor profitability issues, lack of standard operating procedures, sales shortcomings, etc.

Making Beautiful Moose Together

Move over Bullwinkle, the most famous moose in the Land of 10,000 Lakes sits proudly in front of Quality Paint & Auto Body, and it’s the creation of shop owner Don Lindgren, a.k.a. the “Moose Man.” Unfortunately, we can’t call him that. “I tried to use ‘The Moose Man’ as a logo, but the title