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It’s Now or Never: A Proposed Code of Ethics for the Collision Repair Industry

People are funny. Most of the time, if something bothers them, they just complain about it and do nothing. We all know why, too: It’s easier to whine than actually do something to address what we’re whining about. Taking action is the rougher road to choose. That’s why there are monuments built and history books

Fox Fiasco Mars Industry: Fox Collision Centers

For a little over a month now, we’ve been following the saga of Fox Collision Centers. How embarrassing! It’s like a bad train wreck that you can’t pull your eyes from. This story line gets more and more tragic with each passing day, and not in a way that makes you the least bit compassionate

No Free Groceries: Body Shops Should Operate Like Grocery Stores

If you want something, you pay for it, and if you don’t pay for it, you don’t get it.

The Green Team: Eco-Friendly Ways

These body shop owners are hoping their eco-friendly ways and streamlined operations will boost their bottom line.

Developing Tomorrow’s Staff

Putting training in body shops’ hands with an in-house training program may be the best way to develop a workforce for the future.

Mobile Paint Repairs vs. Body Shop Paint Repairs

Body shops look at mobile painters as the enemy, stealing precious work away from them. But realizing the benefits these painters offer could change their perspectives.

Detailing for Dollars

You’re likely already washing the exterior of customer
vehicles. Maybe it’s time to consider taking car cleanup
one step further.

It’s a Dirty Job

Dirt happens in the paint process. But there are some things you can do to keep it to a minimum and deliver the highest quality paint job to your customer.

2008 Lexus GS450H Power Window Initialization Procedure

When repairing a vehicle, the battery often must be disconnected to prevent onboard computer failure or damage to critical electrical components. Upon reconnection of the battery, certain systems, such as the power windows, may not operate unless they’re reprogrammed. Without proper OEM procedures to perform or analyze these operations, you and your staff could be

Squeeze NACE Dry

Trade shows are kind of a microcosm of life in general these days. Everybody’s busy, busy, busy. If you’re not talking to old friends, you’re viewing a product demonstration on the show floor or attending an educational seminar. Blink and you miss it. It’s just the way it goes.

Get Grounded: Electrical Systems

Electrical systems have changed a lot over the years, and like many things, collision repair technicians need to keep up with the latest technology to avoid getting left behind.

Suing as a Solution?

My lawyer friend told me that all parties involved in the collision repair industry are still trying to get away with all they can because there haven’t been enough lawsuits yet. I explored that theory and found he may be right.