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DRPs, Here We Come?

We’re shooting for a DRP, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to give up something for nothing. Part 11 of a series.

So You Wanna Weld Aluminum?

Tips to help get you through a potential ‘minefield’ on your journey to purchasing a MIG welder capable of welding aluminum.

Don’t Leave Dollars on the Table: Total Losses

Total losses are often regarded as a loss to a body shop. But the fact is the loss is your customers’ and doesn’t have to be borne in any sense by your business.

Visualize Your Success

Putting in a few simple ‘traffic lights’ or visual cues in your shop can result in fast improvement
you’ll be able to see within days.

Repairing Liftgate for ’02-’06 Trailblazers and Envoys

A valued customer has just returned her 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer to your shop with concerns about the way the rear tailgate is opening and closing. Recently, your shop repaired a large dent in the tailgate and performed the necessary steps to refinish and reassemble it properly. As you inspect the vehicle, you notice that there

Are You Maxed Out?

Can a business ever max out on efficiency?

Earn Back Your Leverage

Leverage is an intriguing prospect. If you own or operate a business, it’s something you want.

Envisioning the Future

If you’re ever going to get better results, you must create a new way. That means you must create ways that have never existed. And that means you must see the future and imagine those ways first.

Unlocking the Mystery of Production: Pre-Repair Management

Pre-repair management isn’t a new way to repair cars faster, better, cheaper and easier. But it’s been proven to ease the production management workload – and give you time
to focus on big ideas.

Eying Aluminum Certification? Envisioning the Future

Becoming a certified aluminum repair center isn’t easy and may not be worth
it for some, but it may prove necessary
to stay ahead of the game

Damage Analysis for Dollars

Body shops consistently overlook ‘damage analysis’ as a profit center, but this service is definitely not free and should be charged for.

Get it Straight: Universal Anchoring

Universal anchoring is still the most popular frame straightening method in the U.S., but the fixture method is quickly catching up. Here’s a comprehensive look at both methods and the machines most suited for them.