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When Witty Advertising Works

Publisher Scott Shriber discusses how humor, irony and creativity can pack a powerful punch.

Maintenance Tips: Spray Guns

Properly cleaning your gun each and every time after use is essential to its performance and the quality of your paint jobs.

PartsTrader: Go With Your Gut

Editor Jason Stahl says collision repairers should go with their gut on State Farm’s parts bidding program.

Web Presence Management: Going Mobile with Your Website

Mark Claypool uses real-life examples of body shop websites to describe how to make them smartphone-friendly – and why it’s important.

Get Fixed with Apps

With growing smartphone usage, some body shops are betting that mobile apps will be big business drivers of the future.

What Can I Do to Reduce My Paint and Materials Bill?

I work in a small body shop. My boss (the owner) keeps saying that I’m not doing a good enough job of keeping the paint and materials bill down. I’ve only had one re-spray in one year, and I don’t over-mix or waste product. What can I do?

Mechanical Repairs May Help Fix Your Bottom Line

Detailed mechanical information can eliminate the need for body shops to outsource certain jobs, increasing their profits and giving them more control over their repair schedules.

Web Presence Management: What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know About Your Website

Do you know who owns the copyright to your website or your domain name? Has someone copied your site? You’ll be surprised at the answers.

Selling Customer Pay

Properly implemented, a good customer pay sales strategy can bring significant volume and profit to most collision repair facilities.

BodyShop Business Turns the Big 3-0

As BodyShop Business turns 30, Editor Jason Stahl notes that others in the collision repair industry are also celebrating 30th anniversaries.

The ‘Kid’ Is Back

When I wrote my first column for BodyShop Business in 1984, my hair was dark instead of white. As much as I’ve tried to help the industry since that time, I feel it has become worse for many.

BodyShop Business Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Publisher Scott Shriber reflects on his 30-plus year career in the automotive industry and the 30 years since the creation of BodyShop Business.