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Publisher’s Perspective: Make Mine Certified, Please…

Congratulations goes to Darin Morrison of Ankeny, Iowa, whose score on four different components of the collision category of the ASE certification test ranked him the highest in the nation this year.

Editor’s Notes: Rescue Me

Who knew reality shows could teach you so much about business?

Buying Tips: Welders

Tips on what to look for when shopping for a new welder.

The New Year’s Challenge – Version 2.015!

New Year’s resolutions to improve your overall online Web presence.

Tips to Improve Sales, Production and Finance

A concerted effort to improve sales and close rates and understand and improve your repair statistics will put more money in the till than a single-minded focus on cycle times or production efficiency.

The YouTube Effect

More and more people are watching videos online. How are manufacturers in the collision repair space capitalizing on this trend?

Forgotten Labor Part II

Special clamps, foam, frame repair, used parts – there are lots of labor operations we perform that we have every right to charge for.

Follow the Leader

Hiring the right people and identifying those who have potential for leadership roles is crucial for companies to grow and prosper in today’s business climate.

Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part II

The introduction of collision avoidance systems has made a simple windshield replacement a complex issue.

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

A good understanding of your P&L statement will allow you to pay yourself properly without hurting your business.

Estimates: Waste of Time or Path to Profit?

The insurer is going to write what they want, so why bother writing your own sheet, right? But writing your own estimates increases profits due to decreased cycle time.

BodyShop Business
Looking Clearly Through the Glass

There is no such thing as a simple repair anymore, and windshield replacement is a prime example.

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