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Where Is Trust Today?

It seems that trust today is more of a saying than a word with actual meaning. What happened?

My Car Is Back!

If you recall, I hit a deer two months ago and wrecked my car. Well, my car is back better than ever…and I didn’t even get steered!

Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Aftermarket Crash Parts

Having built a couple of training programs about the aftermarket parts business, it’s my opinion that the quality of non-OE crash parts has gotten considerably better.

Taking Your Website to the Next Level

Does your website have a “cookie-cutter” design? Standing out from the crowd will help you boost your search rankings.

Negotiations: A Strategic Approach

Negotiations have traditionally been viewed as contests to be won. But current models emphasize a more strategic approach, which can be beneficial to both parties.

Mastering HR

Guidelines for creating buttoned-up, uniform human resource policies and procedures that are fair to your employees and reduce your exposure to liability.

Building a Great Workplace

I’ve been receiving some valuable workplace training from an unlikely teacher, and he’s now a great friend. Let me tell you about John.

NACE/CARS in the Motor City

The 2014 NACE/CARS Expo & Conference is taking place July 30-Aug. 2, and what better place to have it than Detroit?

Clean That Spraybooth!

Cleaning and maintaining your spraybooth is essential to avoiding costly redos and keeping a tidy shop.

Ringing Up the Profits

Add-on businesses can be just the thing to give a lift to a sagging
bottom line.

Battling the Bigs

Four locally owned small MSOs share their thoughts on how they plan to retain their market share should one of the mega consolidators move to their block.

Oh Deer!

The deer strolled out in front of me with no warning. I was rounding one of the many curves on the scenic Shoreway in Cleveland that offers a fantastic view of Edgewater Beach and Lake Erie Friday night. I had no chance to react, smashing into it with the right front corner of my car