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It’s Time for NACE/CARS!

The big show is at the end of this month, so start planning your trip to the Motor City today.

Does Your Shop “Wow” Customers?

In several classes I teach for paint, body & equipment (PBE) jobbers, I describe the universe of American body shops as follows: 5 percent: Ugh! These shops have no interest in calculating financial numbers of any kind, improving their production efficiency (what’s that?) or new and faster equipment. They’re too busy fixing cars to get

Cybersecurity for Your Collision Repair Business

Strengthening your business’ Web security through strong passwords will ensure that your information stays safe.

What Are Your Top Five Repairs?

We break down the five most-requested vehicles/repairs among ALLDATA Collision subscribers.

The Perfect Storm

We had to throw out all we learned from Six Sigma when systems, computers and power disappeared after one of the most brutal winters on record. The lesson? Our people are our greatest asset.

Defying the Odds

Ben Krom used persistence and networking to achieve his dream of opening his own collision/restoration shop – and nearly
two years later, he’s profitable and having
a blast.

Is Your Shop a Good Place to Work?

People are your most valuable resource, so make sure you foster a work environment that’s enjoyable and efficient.

Recruiting New Technicians to the Collision Repair Industry

The collision industry offers some great career opportunities. But it’s going to take involvement and commitment from shops to nurture them along.

Where Will the New Technicians Come From?

Serving on your local vo-tech advisory board will give you the inside track on hiring the top students in the class.

Who Owns Your Domain Name?

Make sure you own the rights to your website…otherwise, it could cost you.

How Are Your Shop’s Welds?

When was the last time you checked your welds? Remember, it isn’t just your reputation on the line. Your customers are betting their lives on these welds.

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Spray Guns

Spray gun efficiency plays into overall paint process efficiency, which is why a strict maintenance schedule is so crucial. Part 6 of a six-part series on how to maximize profit in the paint shop.