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Refinishes of the Present and Future

A look at the new and emerging technology in both low-VOC solvent-based and waterborne paint.

Aluminum: Too Much Focus?

Some industry experts believe we’re focusing too much on aluminum now when we should be focusing on the overall technological challenges present in vehicles today.

The Fastest Body Shop in Town: Joe Gibbs Racing

A visit to Joe Gibbs Racing in Charlotte, N.C., revealed a shop with a lightning speed cycle time.

Think Before Adding an Extra Service to Your Collision Shop

It’s the rare shop owner who hasn’t considered selling something besides collision repair – including fireworks, firewood and women’s clothing.

Marketing to Millenials

There are more than 79 million Millenials living in the U.S. Learning how to properly target this specific group of people will ultimately benefit your shop in the long run.

Bumping Up Against Jeep Bumper Repairs

An ALLDATA representative offers an OEM information excerpt on the proper removal and installation of a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee front bumper.

Viewpoint: Does Your Vehicle Have Better Technology Than Your Data?

When you purchase, lease or build your next application suite, insist that it contains the CIECA BMS.

Are You Missing the Boat?

Getting the equipment and training for welding aluminum can open up doors to new services such as boat, RV and trailer repair.

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Maximum Efficiency

Any time we streamline the refinish process, we’re moving toward maximum efficiency. Part 5 of a six-part series on how to maximize profit in the paint shop.

Keeping the Faith

Combining deep faith with business savvy, these shop owners have found peace of mind as well as loyal customers.

Aluminum: Not Difficult, Just Different

Years of high-end luxury cars have insulated most shops from having to worry about repairing aluminum. Now, the popular Ford F-150 will be aluminum, and it’s time to get on board and accept the inevitable.

Reader’s Choice: Blind Spot Monitoring

“Many cars such as Toyota and Lexus are offering blind spot monitoring, and there are four sensors on each car behind the bumper covers. I’ve heard that if the paint on the bumper cover is too thick or has filler, the sensors won’t function properly. Is this true?”