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Reader’s Choice: Treating Rust

“What is the proper way to treat rust? I do quite a bit of restoration, and rust has always been a problem. Also, how do you prep a vehicle that has been sodablasted?”

Reader’s Choice: Capping Paint and Materials

“Legally speaking, how can insurance companies limit paint and materials charges?”

Reader’s Choice 2014

Three lucky readers get their questions answered and win $50!

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Making Blending Simple

Once a painter is in command of time-tested techniques and is faithful to the proper execution of those techniques, blending can be pretty simple. Part 4 of a six-part series on how to maximize profit in the paint shop.

All In For Aluminum

Aluminum’s the talk of the town these days, but some shops are still taking a “wait-and-see” attitude on tooling and training.

Detroit: The Heart of the Auto Industry

The city is back and alive, and cars are at the heart of it. All of us here at BodyShop Business will be there July 28-Aug. 2 for NACE, and we hope you will be too.

Using Heat to Improve Your Cycle Time

By implementing heat in your shop, solvents evaporate faster, isocyanate catalysts crosslink quicker, and body fillers, sealers, basecoats and clearcoats all accelerate.

Web Lingo 101

What exactly is SEO? How about an IP address? Here’s a rundown of all the jargon you should know in order to improve your presence on the Web.

Buying Tips: Spraybooths

Several spraybooth manufacturers offer their advice on how to get the most out of your search and purchase.

R&I of Glass: Can You Afford to Wait?

Some shops are finding that removing and installing glass themselves is having a positive impact on their cycle time. But there are important technical aspects you need to know first.

Can You Afford to Expand?

Four prominent multi-shop operators discuss how they have financed their growth and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Equip Yourself for Aluminum

Do you have the equipment it takes to repair aluminum? Here is a range of tools and other products you will need.