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VIDEO: BASF’s Advanced Process Solutions

Tom Hoerner, business solutions leader for BASF, discussed the paint manufacturer’s Advanced Process Solutions at the VisionPlus Conference held March 10-11 in Clearwater, Fla.

Auto Foam: Overlooked and Misunderstood

Although foams might seem like a minor part of the repair, they are not. There can be serious ramifications for improperly using them, improperly placing them or not replacing them at all.

How Do I Get An Insurer to Pay My Posted Labor Rate?

State Farm does not want to pay my labor rate of $48 per hour because it says our market rate is $45. What is the best angle to take to get the difference without burning any bridges with them?

PPG Hosts Successful Conference for Platinum Distributors

Conference took place Feb. 20-23, 2014, in Scottsdale, Ariz., and saw a record turnout of attendees.

Don’t Ignore Your Customers

I hate being ignored. Yet it happens a lot at businesses I patronize. I walk in, and generally I’m left to look around when no one acknowledges or makes eye contact with me.

An Appointment with The Metal Surgeon

Jon Bingham, owner of The Metal Surgeon in Denver, Colo., caters to a niche market by focusing exclusively on metal fabrication and preparation.

The Future of Paint Looks Bright

Unique sparkles, color changing pigments, mile-deep clears and no-gloss clears promise to make the next decade in auto body even more challenging than the last. But I predict we’ll take it in stride.

Free or Cheap Websites Aren’t Your Best Bet

When it comes to a website, you want to invest in something that will ultimately drive business to your shop. Free or cheap services may leave you disappointed.

Repairing New Metals

We take a glimpse at part of a procedure from GM for replacing the aluminum front wheelhouse on a 2013 Cadillac ATS.

The 10 Worst Ideas for Small Business Owners

Longtime collision industry veteran Dale Delmege lists common beliefs about running a business that he believes are flat-out wrong.

Shop Profile: American Autobody

By educating and empowering customers via radio spots and organized classes, American Autobody has carved out a niche for itself in its market as a shop to trust.

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: The Lost Art of Masking

Precision masking is a skill you must develop if you plan on masking components while maintaining the “invisible repair” concept.
Part 3 of a six-part series on how to maximize profit in the paint shop.