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Lighting, Air, Booth Filters and Signs

Buy and install more lights, re-pipe the shop with copper or aluminum air lines, buy the most expensive spraybooth filters and replace them frequently, and create attractive signs that tell the world why your shop is the best.

Technical: Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part III

The 2014 Subaru is on time for delivery. The tech does a great job on the windshield, but then asks, ”When is the recalibration going to be done?” Now, your stomach turns.

Technical: Tricks of the Trade

Throughout my years in this industry, I’ve purchased or fabricated some tools and perfected some techniques that have made my job easier and my cycle times shorter. Here are a few of them.

How They Work: Frame Machines

Given what it costs to purchase frame and measuring equipment, make sure to maintain a focus on their utilization, staff training and ongoing maintenance needs.

The Problem with Color Series: The Fundamentals of Color

There is no magic bullet when it comes to color matches. A review of the fundamentals, however, and seeking solutions and not excuses can help us get to the promised land. Part 1 of a 3-part series.

Health & Safety: A Matter of Record

Hundreds of serious accidents and injuries happen in body shops across the country every year. Through the process of logging injuries and illnesses, you can establish worker protections designed to reduce and eliminate safety hazards.

Smile! You’re On Camera… Or Should Be

Since 2006, video viewing/sharing over the Internet has risen by more than 7,000 percent. Take advantage of this trend by adding video to your website!

Seeing Green

J.R. Hubbard wanted to stand out from the hundreds of body shops packed in his market. So he went all in on green, and is now seeing more green of the money kind.

Publisher’s Perspective: Give Me Just One!

Stick to one goal, and make sure it’s attainable. And send it to me. I’ll make it a point to follow up with you to see how you do.

Editor’s Notes: Getting Paid for Aluminum Repairs

How are body shops going to be compensated for aluminum repairs to justify the equipment and training costs? Simple. Know your cost of doing business and charge accordingly.

Enamel, Amaretto and Ill-Advised Repair Tactics

The collision business still attracts a unique blend of personalities…and I’m pleased to continue meeting them after 45 years.

Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century

While commonplace sales and marketing strategies may still have their place in today’s MSO, they do not represent a large portion of the strategies necessary to succeed today.