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Reader’s Choice: Why Is There So Much Apathy Toward Training and Attending Meetings in Our Industry?

When it comes to our industry, I believe there are some underlying issues and agendas that drive much of the apathy we see.

Why Didn’t the Airbags Deploy?

What makes airbags deploy in a collision is many times much different than people think. There are many reasons for them not to deploy in a crash, but one reason they do is the Delta-v, or a sudden change in velocity.

Administration Fees and Storage

The subject of administrative fees continually comes up in our office as a fee that’s disputed by some insurance companies. How can we get them to pay?

Web Presence Management: The 8 Biggest Mistakes Collision Repair Shops Make Online

We at Optima Automotive have come across many online missteps by collision repair businesses, mistakes they often don’t even realize they’ve made or are actively making.

It’s Classified

After all these years of watching collision repairer licensing efforts, I still think the solution is to do the absolute best job your shop can and let the market punish the poorly run competition.

Publisher’s Perspective: The Devil is Still in the Details

We’re all busy and think we know what needs to be done, but it’s those pesky little things (details) that get dropped.

Editor’s Notes: Empty Lot Syndrome

Collision repairs are getting awfully complicated. Are you making excuses? Will those excuses turn you into an empty lot some day?

Guest Editorial: Seeing a Future in Collision

I’m a senior studying collision repair at Bucks County Technical High School in Pennsylvania, and I’ve noticed that many freshmen in my school aren’t interested in studying collision. And this isn’t just the opinion of a few kids.

Equipment Snapshot: Spraybooths

We take a quick but comprehensive look at new advances in spraybooths.

Aluminum Series: Know What You’re Working With

The differences in aluminum in automobiles may seem slight in some cases, but the repairs could be very different as far as how they’re done.

Technical: Glass Replacement Goes Hi-Tech

New tools and the need for electronics to complete the job have changed the glass replacement business.

The Great Divide

The division among shops on how to properly repair a vehicle today is too great. Just because there are many different ways to repair a vehicle doesn’t mean you should try some of them.