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ADAS and Brake Pads

ADAS can adapt, but if a replacement part falls outside the performance parameters, it can cause problems.

Cycle Time: The Most Important KPI

Can we game the system to improve cycle time? Sure. But how about we simply fix cars faster?

Re-engaged and Ready to Repair

As the country opens up and starts a new normal way of life, collision repairers need a plan to re-engage with their employees, insurance partners, customers and communities.

The New World of ADAS

When it comes to collision and mechanical repairs, there is a lot to consider that many do not realize in the new world of ADAS.

Updating Your Hazard Control Plan

With your new pandemic practices in place, it may be time to review and update your emergency plans as necessary.

Scanning & Recalibration: Is Mobile the Answer?

Solutions to your electronic repair needs could be answered by a mobile company…or not.

The Labor Rate: Where We Stand in 2020

With labor rates still suppressed in 2020, it’s time for shops to understand their economics and get paid for all the procedures they do.

Estimating: Insurers vs. Repairers

The repairer is the expert, and they should be the ones who determine what damages have occurred as well as the best method for a proper repair.

Inventory Management: Clips, Fasteners and Paint and Materials

Those pesky clips and fasteners are typically less than 1% of the total RO dollars but are absolutely an essential part of a correct and timely repair.

When Should You Turn Down a Job?

Believe it or not, there are times when you should refuse a job in order to avoid potential liabilities and a loss in profit.

COVID-19: Opportunities When Miles Driven Goes Back Up

Your web presence overall must be ready to seize the opportunities that will come after COVID-19.

PPP Loan Forgiveness: Increase Compensation Levels to Qualify?

A shop may need to give out raises or increase benefits to fully qualify for forgiveness of the SBA PPP loan.