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Your Mission: Educate Consumers

"How can we better educate our customers so they can make more informed decisions about choosing a repair facility?" — Timothy Kilkeary, v.p., Kilkeary’s Auto Body, Inc., Eighty Four, Pa. Since I took over my family’s business in 1984, the collision repair industry has been on a roller coaster ride of changes, twists and turns.

Let the Heart Surgeons Operate

Is the perceived shortage the result of too many shops using highly skilled technicians to perform low- skilled work?

DOIs: Help, Hurt or Hinder?

"Why don’t body shops have any rights with their state Department of Insurance?" — Walter Danalevich, owner, Santa Barbara Auto Refinishing, Santa Barbara, Calif. Over the years, collision repairers across America have looked to state insurance departments for help and assistance in dealing with unprofessional and unethical insurance company practices. The results have been disappointing

Getting Your Money’s Worth

"How does a consolidator arrive at the value of a shop?" — Clyde Wilkerson, owner, Wilkerson Body & Frame, Kokomo, Ind. To answer this question, we must first define which type of consolidator you might be dealing with. Collision shop consolidators generally fall into one of two categories. The Predator First, there’s the consolidator whose

A License To Repair

"Why isn’t it mandatory for all collision techs to be licensed?" — Don Marshall, manager, Fresno Chrysler/Plymouth, Fresno, Calif. The collision repair industry is the ultimate example of irony and paradox. In most (if not all) states, the damage appraiser needs a license to prove he’s capable of determining the cost and procedure of repairing

Busting at the Seams

Growth isn’t as important as retaining quality and, most importantly, profitability.

Why Use Used Parts?

"Why isn’t there a higher mark-up or other incentive for shops to use salvage parts?" — P. Michael Riffert, pres., Engle’s Frame & Body Service, Ephrata, Pa. Any of us are in the collision repair industry because we love it. And when you like your occupation, 99 times out of 100 you’ll produce a better

Price Fixing or Price Negotiating

“Why do insurance companies control a shop’s labor rates? Isn’t this price fixing?” –– Ron Humphress, former parts manager, Good News Auto Body Shop, Salisbury, Md. Black Law Dictionary, 7th Edition, defines price fixing as an “artificial setting or maintenance of prices at a certain level contrary to the workings of the free market.” Price

10 Tips for Eliminating Repair-Related DV

Figuring dimished value.

Build Relationships to Build Your Business

What are shops now doing to bring in customers?