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The Old Blame Game

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a law firm representing Progressive Insurance Company asking an Illinois shop to reimburse the insurer $141.45 for a rental car — due to the shop causing unnecessary repair delays.

Leading You Through the Storm

It’s no secret our industry is undergoing a phenomenal phase of change. Here at BodyShop Business, we too are changing right along with you. Some changes are obvious, such as new managing editor Jason Stahl joining our staff for this issue. But most others are less obvious, and I’d like to bring a few to

What’s the Goal of any Business? To Make Money

I’ll add a couple of caveats to that.

Repairing Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Question answered by: Mike West Recently, the Sierra Club — the environmental organization that acts as the world’s conscience when it comes to issues like protecting the spotted owl, old growth forests and, of course, global warming — weighed in with a press release titled, “The Next Big Thing From Detroit.” No, it wasn’t about

How to Get Paid, “What’s The Most Effective Approach to Get Insurers to Pay My Labor Rate?”

Labor rates have always been an area of contention between shop owners and insurance companies. From time immemorial, the two camps have been divided on the issue, and monumental arguments have arisen any time this subject is broached. So before we can arrive at any real answer to the labor rate question, we must first

Profiting from PDR: Paintless Dent Repair Is a Great Option and a Great Service to Your Customer

Paintless dent repair is a great profit opportunity for any body shop. In parts of the country where hailstorms are common, many of the insurance companies are advocating PDR. It’s a big moneysaver for them, and it speeds up repairs because the notorious “hail teams” blow in and out of town like the storms that

Perplexed by Paint

Turns out this topic is much like the famous Bill Clinton quote: “It depends on what the meaning of is, is.” Paint brand popularity and exact market share are touchy subjects among the refinish paint companies. No one wants to be quoted in print as having less market share than the next guy, and there’s