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Succession Planning: Where Are You Headed?

I know many of you out there are not going to like the subject of this column because it deals with something you probably don’t want to think too much about. But I believe it’s extremely important, and so I’m going to do my best to try to get those of you who have so

Chi-cago, Chi-cago!

How does the song go? “Chi-cago, Chi-cago, that toddlin’ town…” Judging from the response so far to the 2011 BodyShop Business Conference & Trade Show – Strategies for Success, it seems that people are just as excited as I am that this year’s event is in Chicago – St. Charles, Ill., to be specific. One

Guest Editorial: Body Shop Licensing Is the Way to Go

I’m a 30-year-old body technician who has been in the collision repair business for about eight years. I consider myself one of the new breed of bodymen in that I’m an educated person who truly wants to fix cars the right way and be proud of what I do. The Atlanta area is infested with

Capturing the Job by Closing the Sale

Reader’s Choice question: “With the current economy, how would you address the importance of capturing the job during the repair estimate? With volume down and shop efficiency increasing, what are the main issues we need to focus on to increase sales?” – Mark Levell, marketing director, Precision Collision Auto Body, Seattle, Wash.

Getting Paid for Paint and Materials

Reader’s Choice question: “Why is paint and materials tied to paint labor rate? It should be invoiced and marked up accordingly. How do we change this? We went from a 35 percent profit on paint and materials to 2 percent in the last two years.” – Jim Patrick, collision repair manager, Langs Chevrolet, Beavercreek, Ohio

Uniting Body Shops

Reader’s Choice question: “How can we unite the body shop industry in a large metro area in order to protect our rights and not get bullied by insurance companies?” – Kyle Kuzdell, manager, Szott M59 Collision, White Lake, Mich.

Back to Basics: Customer Service

Is there anyone more important in a collision repair facility than a customer? No – which is why you have to do a better job of focusing on managing the customer’s experience, not just the repair.

Buying Welding Equipment for Your Body Shop

With all of the advanced metals being introduced into modern vehicles, repairers need the proper welders to perform repairs to OEM specifications. We take a look at some of the great technology available.

Waterborne Paint FAQs

We asked the paint manufacturers six questions about low-VOC/waterborne paint with the goal of dispelling the myths and fears about this new technology. Their answers may surprise you.

2011 BodyShop Business Conference & Trade Show

With tons of educational sessions and a trade show that’s free to all Chicago-area collision repair facilities, the 2011 BodyShop Business Conference is shaping up to be the must-attend event of the year.