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Spot Welding

Vehicles today and the advanced metals they’re made of are making a stronger and stronger case for owning an inverter spot welder. Soon, it could be a necessary tool for all shops seeking to do OEM-recommended repairs.

Spring 2013 PPG MVP Business Solutions Conference Yields Largest Turnout To Date

Biannual event delivers valuable information about strategic business practices to collision repairers.

Opening the Door on Spraybooths

When Mark Clark’s PBE career began back in the Stone Age of the 1970s, fewer “officials” were involved in building a compliant spraybooth.

Reader’s Choice: Cycle Time

“Why is cycle time so important? It seems the body shop industry has changed in that insurance companies’ No. 1 focus is now cycle time.”

Reader’s Choice: Parts Procurement

“What is the direction parts procurement is going, and why? Are third-party parts vendors the new way of ordering parts? Will we be forced to order parts online from a company like PartsTrader and not use our parts department?”

Reader’s Choice: Plastic Repair

“I repair classic cars to newer ones. With all the different kinds of plastics out there, how do I determine what kind I’m working on and the ideal method of repair?”

Reader’s Choice: Parts Inventory

“We have an inventory of parts we ordered and never returned to the vendor for whatever reason. What percentage of depreciation (from price when originally purchased) is calculated into our selling of the part to the customer? Or do we just sell it for whatever we feel is reasonable?”

Reader’s Choice: Post-Repair Inspections

“What are some things you look for in post-repair inspections? As a tech, I’m always looking to put out a better product. Also, I’m interested in getting into the field of auto appraisal, either insurance or classic cars.”

BodyShop Business Reader’s Choice 2013

Five readers win $50 each after their questions on various collision repair topics make the cut and get answered by collision experts.

Do You Know What You Do Well?

Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses will make your business more efficient and productive.

Anyone Home?

Customer service is as easy as answering a phone call.

Use Vine to Market Your Body Shop

Twitter’s new Vine app creates short, looping videos that you can use to reach and retain customers.