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Common Paint Prep Mistakes

Despite a plethora of expertise and guidelines out there, refinishes still fail due to mistakes in the paint prep process. Here are some common ones.

Hand Tool Guide

We talked to some of the best hand tool makers in the market about just what these modern marvels can do.

How They Work: Spraybooths

Spraybooths could be costing you money if not designed, used and maintained properly.

How Do I Make My Office Flow?

How should we structure our office staff, when should we hire and how do we determine who is responsible for what?

Reader’s Choice: What Opportunities Exist for Women in the Collision Repair Industry?

I think it’s important for all women (and men) to know that women are capable of becoming reliable and good workers in any position in collision repair, and we should be respected as such.

Reader’s Choice: What Does the Future Employment Picture Look Like for Entry-Level Techs?

Changes in vehicle technology have brought to light the need to attract and train highly talented people to handle the ever-increasing demand for trained techs to fix today’s vehicles.

Reader’s Choice: What Do I Need to Get Started in Aluminum Repair?

We’re thinking of adding aluminum repair to our shop. How hard is it to add this to an existing shop regarding the “clean” area?

From the VP: Solution Sales and Strategic Sales

After much reflection on my own experience, I’ve decided to redefine the modern day definition of sales.

Web Presence Management: Mobile-Friendly Sites are More Important Than Ever

Google says mobile-friendly sites will have a “significant impact in our search results.” So if someone searches from a mobile device, and you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you may not show up anymore!

Another One Leaves the Ride

Each year, it gets more difficult to find folks who can play the “I was there when…” game with me. There is one less now as my friend and 38-year veteran of the collision industry is retiring. Here is his perspective on our business between 1977 and 2015.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s An Awesome Responsibility

Every day when we send a vehicle back out on the road, it carries with it a tremendous responsibility.

Editor’s Notes: Look, Ma, No Hands!

When I first read about driverless cars, I was appalled. But the idea has been growing on me.