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Light Up Your Life: New Technology

I admit it. I’m not a huge fan of new technology. Heck, I only own seven – none which I actually bought. People keep giving them to me, hoping to inspire me to move forward into the new millennium (or at least into the ’90s). So trust me when I say I understand if you’re

4 Generations of Millers

4 Generations of Millers

Money Matters: Dollar-Cost Averaging

Action, Not Words

‘I Ran to Fight for the Little Guy’

Richard “Rick” Impallaria of the Maryland House of Delegates.

Would You Join a DRP Like Progressive’s Concierge Program?

mad or they might shut you down. We’d be a part of the insurance industry, not the auto collision industry. If all insurers went with this type of program, it would destroy our industry as we know it. My mother said change is good, but in this case, I’m not sure it’s good at all.

Just When I Think I Have Men Figured Out…

It was at the latest “women’s gathering” I was invited to (read: went to kicking and screaming) that I got to thinking about how much easier it is to be a man: Go to work. Maybe have a beer with the guys. Mow the lawn once in a while. Watch football on Sundays. And, of

Aluminum Is Coming

Conceptions and Misconceptions

How to Make $4, 000 More a Year

Let’s see if this sounds at all familiar … Come in to work, punch in, grab a coffee and talk with the guys about the game last night or how you bowled. Then it’s off to your little slice of heaven, and you figure out what to start on. Before you know it, lunch time

What’s Diminished Value Mean To You

As contentious an issue as diminished value (DV) has become in the insurance and repair industries, there’s a quiet revolution taking place in the claims business. Once limited to the owners of exotic cars, DV is now a phrase on the lips of ordinary people with damaged grocery-go-getters. And this flood of inquiries to claims

Why I Drug Test Employees

er hired a private investigator who administered polygraph tests to determine how the pump disappeared and who was responsible. One employee – the most likely perpetrator – promptly quit. During the course of the investigation, however, it was learned that 16 out of 25 employees were regular drug users. And this shop had been suffering

2003 Industry Profile

Movie Cars Go Head To Head

Unauthorized Practice of the Law: Are You Guilty?

Watch out when negotiating with insurance companies and appraisers.