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Z is for Zoom: The Nissan Z

The Nissan Z has true sports car enthusiasts sitting up and taking notice. With its speed, power and oh-so-cool look, the 2003 350Z does not disappoint. I know the Z is a cool car, but what kind of power does it have? I don’t want a pansy car. No pansies here. The Z boasts a

Paint Predictions & Amp; Educated Guesses

Which way is the wind blowing auto paint these days? I recently asked the major paint manufacturers what trends they saw on our near and far horizons. And because refinish paint technology tends to follow original equipment technology by several years and at a lower level of sophistication, they were able to make some pretty

Repairs that Pay

    Most collision repair professionals – the frame guy and the painter all the way through to the manager and the owner – take pride in repairing automobiles correctly for their customers. Not many people in any business are so cold and callused that they can sell a product or service they believe is