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Your (sic) An Idiot

Below is an e-mail received by Charlie Barone, one of BSB’s contributing editors: Charlie Barone: Your an idiot. I will not waste anymore time explaining why.    Sincerly,    Emil Belich    Concours Auto Works    West Allis, Wis. A few things about this e-mail: Charlie Barone is not an idiot. He’s been in this industry for decades and

Last Page: What’s Right About Being Wrong?

“The last time you failed, did you stop trying because you failed or did you fail because you stopped trying?” – Anonymous

BMW = More Lovin’

Men who drive BMWs have the most sex.

Leader of the Band: Jim Keller

Shop owner Jim Keller talks about retiring from rock-n-roll, picking up the pieces after a failed merger and lauching a shop network.

Is Your Shop Sick? The Preventative Approach

If you want your shop to have a long (and profitable) life, it needs to periodically see a shop doc.

Spray-Gun Tips for Automotive Painting

You don’t need a new spray gun (even though you may want one) to get the most from your gun and to create a great paint job.

The Dodge Sprinter: a Common Criminal’s Dream Car

Sure the Dodge Sprinter is a great automobile for tradesmen and large families, but it’s really the perfect getaway car for that bank robbery you’ve been planning.