August, 2005 Archives - BodyShop Business
Sink or Swim: Adjuster Trainee

A local Mickey D’s manager is now a Progressive adjuster trainee," writes a Kansas repairer on Autobody Online’s discussion board. "I swear, he’s the same guy that handed me my McGriddle two weeks ago!" "AHH I get it now," writes a Michigan repairer in response. "That’s why Progressive adjusters are about three fries short of

Recognizing What’s Valuable: Doing your best. Giving your all.

“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret to success.” – Sivananda Sarasvati

Panel Bonding One (Uh)Oh One

If the vehicle manufacturer doesn’t endorse a procedure,
who the heck are you to override their decision?

Tricked-Out Trike Wins “What Can You HEMI” Contest

That (thing) trike got a HEMI? As a matter of fact, it does – thanks to Marcus Braun, Chrysler’s “What Can You HEMI?” grand-prize winner. Braun not only takes home a new car for his invention, but the satisfaction that his super-sized HEMI-powered tricycle – more fit for the freeway than the sidewalk – is

Build a Better Mousetrap, and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door

7 strategies for quality-driven shops to maintain profitability in a marketplace fixated on “fast” and “cheap.”

Spotting Trouble: Arbitrary Changing of Paint Times

Been asked by an adjuster to change the paint time on a panel? If insurers would pay for the prep and want a spot paint – and as long as the hours equal the full time – shops might embrace the procedure. Since that’s not happening, shops need to learn how to justify their estimates.

Shrewd Player, Poor Payer: Progressive’s “Concierge” Program

Despite Progressive’s hardball reputation, it’s had no trouble recruiting shops for its “concierge” program – which eliminates all shop/customer contact and makes Progressive liable for repairs.