August, 2006 Archives - BodyShop Business
On Your Terms

As of late, insurance companies have staunchly positioned themselves on the offensive, launching all sorts of new “customer-driven” programs to get them in good with the motoring/car-crashing public. Insurers being on the offensive, however, puts the repair industry on the defensive, forcing shops to react to whatever insurers throw their way. Problem is, being reactive

Kaizen: Break to Make Better

To get you started creating a “lean” organization, we’ll focus on “point” kaizen – looking at a single process inside your business and rebuilding it.

Get Your Head Out of the Sand

Unless an insurance company chooses the “repair” option in the insurance contract — making it fully liable for its repair choices — it has no legal right to be involved in the repair process.

The Return of Competitive Bidding

The time has come to examine the basis on which shops compete. To do this, you must first ask yourself: With whom am I competing? An insurer and its “phantom” shops or other actual shops in my local market?

The “Wheel” World

Suspension alignment is critical to ride, drivability, fuel economy and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. So take the extra time and steps to evaluate a possible problem.

We Want Your Nomination

This month we kick off our annual BodyShop Business Magazine Executive of the Year nomination campaign, a ritual to honor dedicated and successful leaders within the collision repair industry. This year marks the 23rd year we’ve honored a shop owner, manager or top executive/principal. As I reflected upon this process and reviewed the names of