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RIP, Yellow Pages

It’s official: the Yellow Pages is dead. Hopefully you didn’t hear it here first. Hopefully you heard the death knell a long time ago and decided the Internet was the way to promote your brand. The Yellow Pages I’m referring to is the big yellow paper directory dropped off on your doorstep that some people

Addressing Water Intrusion in the Volkswagen Taillight Area

Vehicle manufacturers regularly publish Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), which are updates to repair procedures, techniques, part numbers, equipment and materials, as well as repair information for known issues reported from repair facilities and customers. Without prior knowledge of these updates, you and your team may service or repair a vehicle with outdated information. Or you

Time to Strategize

Many repairers still don’t truly comprehend the real purpose of ‘lean.’ Understanding that it’s simply a strategy and nothing more will go a long way toward beginning the process of implementation.

5 Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Your Business

Consumers should become familiar with your shop long before they get in an accident. Here are some ways to make sure they do.

5 Steps to a Collision Shop Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a key component to any business’s success. It defines who we are, where we are, where we’re planning to go, how we’re going to get there and how much the journey will cost. It tells us where work is going to come from and spells out what we’re going to do

Get Stuck on Adhesive Bonding

When used in conjunction with welding, adhesives can provide
a better repair than welding or adhesives alone.

Sell That Job!

More often than not, your estimators don’t want to sell because they view selling as an unsavory activity. But there is a professional, effective way to go about it that could
lead to a higher close ratio.

From Red to Black

We lost more than $150,000 on paint and materials last year. The reason is because the old dollars times paint labor hours formula is outdated. The
solution is invoicing.

Substandard Standards

The ‘substandard standard’ is quickly becoming the measuring stick all other repairs are judged by. It’s time to do proper repairs according to OEM specifications.